Friday, August 04, 2006

going on sabbatical (thx amadeo)

i know this is kind of sudden, but i've gotta leave blogland for a while. gotta clear my head and my heart of a few things and refocus my energies on me. my writing has suffered terribly as a result of my inability to cope with some things and therefore, i'm gonna force myself to get over them, but that means i can't be here.

i'll be back in a week or two. i'll continue to read your blogs. you will continue to inspire me daily. i'll be back brand new and stronger for the mental and physical bootcamp i'm about to put myself through.

oh, and in the meanwhile, check out this girl bluebutterfli if you haven't already. her writing is exquisite, and it's made even more so by the life altering experience she's going through right now. she writes with a candor and emotional vulnerability that will no doubt move you through to the marrow.

keep doing ya thing, and i'll check you lataz.