Wednesday, August 23, 2006

the end

i saw what he was doing but i couldn't believe it. he started caressing my thigh as he looked into my eyes. his hand felt warm through my jeans and i could feel a tension gathering in my muscles. it felt nice but i definitely wasn't comfortable with the contact, as i felt he was getting a bit too familiar with me. i saw the brotha approaching from behind the car and i leaped out, a sly disengagement of his hand from my leg.

brotha took the boot off and we said our thank yous and goodbyes. on the way back to my office building, mikhail was talking about the next time we were going out. i wasn't so sure i wanted to do this again, but there was obviously an attraction there, even if i wasn't so eager to explore it.

"when will you let me take you out to lunch again?" he asked earnestly. i thought about it before replying.

"sometime soon," i responded vaguely.

"how about friday?"

"friday's no good. that's my busiest day so i generally don't take a lunch on that day."

"what about monday?"

"that's a better day," i said, "call me and we can confirm."

he pulled into the parking lot in front of my office building and turned off the engine. then he placed his hand on my thigh again and started caressing it again. i looked up into his eyes and saw a familiar fire blazing within them. hmmm...

"i will look for another place for us to eat and i will call you on monday." he was running the tip of his finger up my thigh.

"alright," i said as i opened the door and turned to get out. i felt his finger glide across my hip and make a path to the middle of my lower back as i stood and got out. wtf?!?

i closed the door and waved at him, unafraid to acknowledge it, but damn sure unsure of whether or not i'm gonna act on it.

"see you monday." he grinned and the twinkle returned. i smiled and turned around, walking with a swiftness to my step as i thought back on the lunch date. i wondered if all european guys were that forward. it was like his every move was whispering "i wanna fuck you". i'm not really trying to do the casual sex thing at this point, but could i really embark on an interracial relationship? i know the swirl is becoming more and more popular these days, but when i see the father of my children, i've never seen him as being anybody other than a black man. maybe that's my own narrow-mindedness at work, but i know what i like and have never entertained a truly serious situation with a cat who wasn't black.

meanwhile, he might just wanna fuck me, in which case this is all moot anyway, cuz like i said, i ain't doing the casual sex thing, i don't give a fuck who it is.

what do you think?