Monday, August 14, 2006

aimless musings

i've been masturbating so much lately my clit's gonna snap off at any minute.

how come i spent thirty minutes in bed this morning trying to figure out a plausible excuse for not going in to work today and couldn't come up with anything?

sometimes folk (like me) get it twisted and think the internet is an adequate way to get to know someone intimately. meanwhile, it's just another way for folk to communicate, meaning folk can tell you what you wanna hear instead of the truth. words are easy to type out, but actions are what really determine what a person's about and action is the one thing you can't verify online.

you have a point...folk will lie just as much in person, but a 13 year old kid can't pose as a 35 year old man in the offline world.

friendship is only as valuable as a person's willingness to treasure it.

i register for school today. hopefully i'll graduate from college before my future kids do.

why are you in this fucking lane when you're not turning?!?

black entertainment television is a joke, like 911 and tax breaks for the poor.

michael vick betta fucking represent this year or i'm gonna have nothing to write about.

i've got two words for you, floyd...shut the fuck UP.

wait...that's four words...make that eight...shut the fuck up and GO AWAY PLEASE.

i'm sorry...i STILL think lance was on the juice.

anybody notice how mark mcguire bounced from the league right before the steroid scandal hit? it's almost like he knew...

why am i here at work trying to figure out a plausible excuse for leaving work early? i'm gonna find one, too...

why is this cat being so distant with me? i can't call it, but i'm done trying to figure it out.

every time i see my niece she becomes more and more beautiful in my eyes (as if that's even possible).

every time i see my brother i'm reminded of just why it is i love him. he loves me unconditionally and supports me no matter what. what folk out there can truly say that about his or her sibling(s)?

it's monday and the sun is shining and the sky is clear and my face is shining and my mind is clear.

i've found some really great blogs to add to my blog roll. now i figure it'll take me about three hours to get through all the ones i read. blog reading is a part-time gig for me at this point.

the pain has finally disappated completely. the mind is truly an amazing tool and i'm glad mine recognizes wasted effort.

my ole girl ladylee is celebrating her one year bloggaversary. show her some love by hopping to her spot. what do i love about her blog? too many things to mention here. she's a gifted wordsmith no doubt, but the best part about her blog is her straight up unadulterated honesty. she' never rude but it's never fake. always supportive and it's always sincere. sometimes you come across folk who really are just genuinely cool folk. she's one of them.

lesson #345 - just because you have locs doesn't mean it won't droop beneath the weight of humidity and rain like everybody elses hair. my beautiful curls have finally been laid to rest and now i'm stuck with frizzy, limp locs.

my weekend was so tight, if it was a twat you couldn't fit the tip of a sewing needle into it.

fyi, i won't be getting online that much to chat in the daytime for a hot minute...these mofos actually trying to get me to work.

i've just joined a new blog telling of the many run-ins we women have had with bad dick (and a few tales of good dick tossed in for balance). i just reposted about the anal sex incident if you wanna check it out.