Thursday, November 30, 2006

thankful thursday

first and foremost, thanks to the creator for giving me life.

thanks to my boy dp for giving me just what i needed when i needed it. i so appreciate your insight and cool head in the midst of what is becoming madness. your words and wisdom were RIGHT.ON.TIME.

i am thankful for the folk who continue to frequent my blog. you get thanks EVERY week.

i am thankful for the patience and self-control i have to get through this time.

i am thankful for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the gawtdamn truth and the wisdom needed to keep those who don't know about that shit away from me.

i am thankful for the courage to always stand in the face of honesty, even if it means i get to taste my own medicine. BLECH.

i am thankful to my folk who listened to me vent yesterday like a crazy person.

i am thankful for that 2.5 hour conversation that gave me a chance to decompress.

i am thankful for my parents who love me as i hope to one day love my own children.

i am thankful for my little cousin lamount, who without fail knows how to bring a smile to my face every damn time.

i am thankful to my blaquescribe fam who are really getting on my ass and making me stick to the idea of possibly getting a book published. i still don't quite see it happening but at least i no longer think it a complete impossibility.

i am thankful for folk who are cynical enough to question things and intelligent enough to recognize when things don't add up.

have a great thursday folk!