Sunday, November 12, 2006

you were right...

this association can't be salvaged. you are not my friend and i am no longer yours. my friend wouldn't time and time again mistrust me based on the bullshit of hearsay after i've showed him nothing but loyalty from day one. my friend wouldn't turn pussy and avoid coming to me to get the deal, cuz my friend would be a fucking adult. my friend wouldn't say shit behind my back that he can't confirm, nor would he always assume the worst about me. he wouldn't ignore my attempts to clarify misunderstandings.

so you're right.

you're not my friend.

please note the sound of me cutting you out of my fucking life. (if you bother to listen)

please note how painless that shit is to me, kinda like lancing off an irritating boil. (if you bother to accept the truth)

please note this fucking entry IS about you. (if you bother to have the courage to read this shit)

please note that from here on, i will no longer devote not one syllable, not one fucking word, not one thought, to your fucking existence. (if you bother to recognize the finality of this move right here)

please note my email and my instructions, cuz i don't plan on contacting you ever again. (and i want you to bother on this point right here, cuz i really don't want to have to email your ass again and tell you to take my shit offa your shit)

please delete me and everything associated with me, from your brain. no doubt you might be feeling a bit contrite right now, but frankly, i don't give a fuck.

cuz with friends like you, i almost wish i had enemies. then i'd know what it felt like to be treated better than this. no, i don't blame you completely for it, cuz i know the part i played in it, but here's the deal...a friend would have my back.

and now i realize your ass NEVER did.