Monday, November 27, 2006


if you wanna read a moving tribute to trish check rashan. brotha always writes better when there's some genuine emotion pigmenting his think.


so this entry here ain't a tribute to the dead, it's a tribute to the living

tenacious - she didn't fight it because her body wasn't her adversary. she was strong enough to find the rhythm of its movement through her and dance with it until she decided it was time to change partners
resilient - even as her body shifted in its shape and an invasion expanded her suffering, i always recognized the face and form of her spirit, as it never changed
inspirational - many of us bought seeds from the garden of her mind to plant within our blogs beautiful blooms of introspection and personal growth
spiritual - her love for her god was undeniable and awe-inspiring and showed alot of us what unconditional love really is
here - she didn't go anywhere...

she's that nudge you need in the morning to get you up when all you wanna do is sleep
she's that unfettered giggle you hear bubble up and spill from a toddler's lips
she's your favorite song that comes on the radio at that exact moment you need to hear it
she's that sunshine breaking through the clouds after days of rain
she's that flower you find growing underneath a feet of snow
she's those moments when happiness just happens and you don't know how or why
she's that truth you don't wanna hear but need to in order to be better at being you
she's that forgiveness you need when all you wanna do is suck upon bitter seeds
she's that love you pull out of the closet and wrap around those folk who need that cloak the most

she's here.

and as long as there is goodness and beauty in this world, she'll always be here.

so continue to be good and beautiful, fam ;)

oh...and fuck that goodbye shit. this here is a hello...

wassup girl...i see you over there pouring the light of your smile into my sunrise :)
keep on cheezing
then breathe...
cuz i find comfort in the movement of your breeze