Thursday, November 09, 2006

thankful thursday

i'll get back to bus boy tomorrow. i can't interrupt my flow with thankful thursdays, so here goes...

i am thankful to god for granting me another day so that i can see what his paintbrush has touched today. autumn is my favorite time of year. nothing like the morning when the dew has cloaked everything in a diamond shine, the air is crisp and cold, and the sun beams a smile onto my face as i bask in its warmth. today's sunrise was especially beautiful cuz the leaves are so vibrant in color right now. tell me you don't dig autumn and i'll tell you you ain't human!

i am thankful to dex for giving me some of the best conversation i've had in a hot minute. who would have thought we still had that shit?

i am thankful for whatever the hell it was that restored my good humor this week. i gotta tell you folks, my spirits have been truly lifted.

thank you trish for getting your new blog up and running. oh, and thank you for making me laugh so much over the last week i swear my stomach will NEVER recover. remember...DO YA THING MA...oh, and i STILL think my idea of a hospital gigolo has merit, although i would probably need to get premium coverage unless i wanna get stuck with a generic version. i want the ches.tnut brand, not fla.v.

i am thankful my granny is still here, although she had to go back to the hospital last night, so toss an extra prayer in your prayer basket for me, folk. much appreciated.

i am thankful for aswad and his words that always have a way of splitting through the bone to get to the marrow of the matter. i'll keep working on making my dreams come true if you do, little brother.

i am thankful my little niece somai is getting better. she had a cold and was a bit fussy. you get a big hug and kiss from auntie nikki!

thank you vince gui.raldi for 'the pumkin waltz'. without fail, this song puts me in the mood for all of the holidays occuring after october. just listening to it makes me think of a roasted turkey, cornbread dressing, homemade sweet potato pies, and watching the bro.wn holiday specials while my mom decorates the house while listening to nat king cole. even though this year will probably mark the last one my granny will witness in her current form, i won't allow the melancholy to strip my spirit of the love i have for this time of the year. what song gets you happy folk? whatever song that is, pull that sucka out and play it today.

thank you to my mom for always finding me even when i don't want to be found.

thank you dan and diane, for taking off yesterday. my black ass actually got some work done without having to put up with your nonsense.

thank you olawunmi for the conversation last night. you always find a way to make me laugh AND educate me AND assist me in my creative endeavors. your encouragement was felt and much appreciated. oh, and you folk should check out his blog. not only is he a gifted writer, but he has a wicked sense of humor too. check his nov. 7 post...there's this white guy singing 'hey-ya' and get this...he sounds pretty damn good doing it!

thank you dumbya, for making it impossible for the american people to ignore your misrepresentation. they finally had the balls to get your party members out of congress. i don't know what the democrats are gonna do, but here's hoping they give you pure hell for the last two years you're in office.

i am thankful my creative juices are flowing again. for a minute there i thought all i had left in me was that nasty pulp that gets tossed in the trash cuz it has no nutritional value whatsoever. now i got the juices flowing all over the place. i'm not even sure how it happened, but i'm gonna ride this wave until it hits the shore. get ya cups out folk, cuz i'm about to fill it up to the rim with vitamin c(reativity). i bet you thought i was gonna say 'fill it to the rim with brim' didn't you? that was the first thing i thought of when i say 'fill it to the rim'. whatever happened to 'brim' anyway? did it go the way of 'aim' toothpaste? let me stop before i run off onto another tangent.

thank you folks for reading!