Monday, November 06, 2006

monday musings

for saw this coming, didn't you?

thank you for cooking dinner for me saturday night. i see you really putting in the effort and it's much appreciated.

many prayers and well wishes sent out to trish as she continues her dance. don't worry sis, the prayer patrol is in FULL effect.

if i don't get some good sex soon i think i'm gonna implode.

my aunt is treading on really, REALLY thin ice right now.

how come i gotta scrape up a win now? what the fuck is up with mcnabb?!?

new york is calling to me like a brotha with his tongue out, licking his lips.

atlanta is getting on my nerves like a bratty child.

i'm gonna make the most of this place until i can get the hell up outta here.

what happened to the falcons from the past two weeks? how the fuck you gonna lose to detroit?!?

i'm sure brady is finally feeling the effects of having all those folks on his nutsack. perhaps if some of you mofos get offa it, he'll stop throwing interceptions.

my brother is all up in it right now. i hope he finds his way to shore soon.

why am i afraid to speak to granny? probably cuz i know she's suffering and ain't a damn thing i can do about it.

i finally finished aswad's scarf and now i'm working on granny's. why did she look at me and tell me she wants me to teach her how to knit? ain't that shit supposed to be the other way around? :)

being in new york last week reminded me of both why i want to be there and why it would be so hard if i was. i'm used to warm weather, so that cold shit is gonna be tough to deal with.

for the first time in a long time i actually contemplated casual sex. yeah, he was that damn fine.

i saw 'bus boy' at the store on saturday. i'm gonna have to write about that encounter soon.

one day i'm gonna ask him if he's gay.

nothing like a brotha with locs. makes me forget myself sometimes.

i really think god gives you the opportunity to make a change in your life, then when he sees you ain't doing it, he forces you to do it. that has helped me to put alot of unforseen shit in perspective.

speaking of which, i finally had that talk with my boss about da bitch. he said he knew there was tension. i told him if he knew there was tension, how come he's always willing to believe what she says about me? he said if he believed everything she says about me, i wouldn't have a job. damn, that heffa must be saying a hella lot of shit about me.

okay, please tell me i'm not the only adult who watches ne.d declas.sified?

am i the only one to see the irony in these 'family value' cats being gay? really you gonna say no to gay marriage but be taking it in the ass? for THREE YEARS. this reminds me of slave owners screwing around with black women, but then saying they're animals. so to use their skills at deduction, they were fine with fucking animals. probably explains all of those mules walking around with sore assholes.

i really, REALLY want to tell her she's making a mistake about wanting to marry this guy. shit, now i know how my friends felt when i announced i was getting married. maybe i should say something, so at least i know i did what i could.

watching him suffer hasn't been nearly as bad as i thought it'd be. does that make me a bad person? nah, but i'm sure it makes me one who believes karma is a bitch, cuz it is.