Wednesday, November 22, 2006

thanks and all that stuff right dea...

thank you for the nigga-rigged d-tv my folk have which will allow me to check out the game on the nfl netw.ork tomorrow night

thank you for my mom, who actually has faith in my cooking abilities and is gonna let me cook the entire meal tomorrow! can you say 'soul food' moment? i'm throwin DOWN folk!

thank you for the patience to deal with some of the folk who will be there tomorrow when i know damn well i won't want them there

thank you to the folk who came over here, took the indians' land, spread disease and death among those folk and then had the nerve to be like "now let's sit down and break bread together on 'my' land" if not for you all, i'd have no idea what the term 'irony' meant...or the phrase 'ain't that a bitch' for that matter...

thank you michael richards for reminding me racism ain't just alive and well, it's thriving cuz it grows within the shadows. now i know where to point and spray.

thank you for whatever it was that has me waking up this morning feeling like i really CAN cook a shitload of food

thank you for that pie recipe. i'm gonna be baking that one tonight

thank you jerry seinfi.eld, for forcing michael to go on and basically give us the "i've got afro-american friends so i'm not racist" speech while looking like someone had shoved something cold and sharp up his ass...a fork perhaps?

thank you for the chopping apparatus that will allow me to chop up alot of onions and green peppers and other stuff for the homemade dressing so i won't have to sit there for an hour doing it by hand with a knife

thank you for my boss sending me a long ass email starting with this sentence right here..."I will be out of the office until Friday December 1.", as if i'd read the rest after that. who cares? just be gone dude.

thank you for de ex handling biz and making a sista feel like maybe there
is a chance. can i say you representing with a fierceness?

thank you for my brother who i get to talk to everyday, even if it's just to say "nothing going on here in da cut...i'll hit you up tomorrow"

thank you for my little cuz lamount, who stopped by the 'rents house on sunday and watched the nfl package with me. that kid actually knocked on the bathroom door to tell me when my fantasy league player had scored. i love that little boy!

thank you for that nfl package, which was like experiencing multiple orgasms

thank you for the 'rents, who took care of me this weekend like i was still their baby :)

thank you for the health and wealth of my friends and fam

thank you god for giving me everything i need to be everything i am and wanna be

thank you for reading, folk

have a great holiday!