Friday, November 17, 2006

first thought this morning...

"UGH...alarm more minutes..."

second thought, after being in kiddie pool sleep and turning to glance blearily at the clock 25 minutes later...

"UGH...ten more..."

third thought, after opening my eyes and really seeing the time on the clock 20 minutes later...


fourth thought, after stumbling out of bed and fumbling around to turn on the heater in the semi-darkness...

"...HATE...this time of year...."

fifth thought, as i twist my body to turn on the shower from the toilet where i'd just tinkled...

"man, i need to wash this tub. it's filthy..."

sixth thought, during my scramble to find something to wear...

"where the FUCK is my green turtleneck?!?"

seventh thought, while i'm in the living room getting dressed and watching mike & mike...

"greenberg has lips like a black man for real..."

other thoughts i had this morning:

"MAN, i wish it was a little darker out here so my eyes could adjust..." (as i stepped outside into the light after doing everything in the dark in my spot.)

"SHIT SHIT SHIT!..." (after i turned on the car and was greeted with what had to be a 1000 decibel rendition of the roots 'here i come'.)

"oh HELL nah, i gotta get in front of that bus or i'm gonna be stuck behind it..." (after i noticed the mar.ta bus coming and a shitload of cars crawlign slowly behind it like a funeral procession.)

"i feel your pain, brotha..." (as i watched a bundled up young black man pimping quickly in the cold towards his destination.)

"nice car...i wonder who's driving it?" (as i drove behind a black sedan.)

"oh damn...that's too bad..." (as i drove next to the black sedan and saw who was in the driver's seat.)

"this car betta not be 'bout ta cut in front of me..." (as i'm on the expressway, tightly tucked in between a moving van and an suv.)

"i KNEW that negro wass gonna cut in front of me!" (as that damn golf squeezed it's little ass in between me and the moving van.)

"i gotta stop at the store and get some juice or something" (after i swallowed and realized how dry my throat was.)

"and good morning to you too with ya fine ass..." (after the cute construction working brotha held the door open for me and said 'good morning beautiful')

"aiight, don't look back nikki, just strut to the car..." (after i felt his eyes on my jean-clad ass as i walked past him and heard him utter 'damn!')

"and with six minutes to spare!" (while i'm on the elevator heading to my office.)

"what the hell am i gonna write about today?" (about twenty minutes ago...)