Thursday, November 16, 2006

thankful thursday

i am grateful and thankful

to God for granting me the strength of mind, wisdom, and life's breath needed to greet a new sunrise.

for the insight necessary to analyze my own behavior and motivations and the courage to recognize when it's not being utilized towards a positive goal. no excuses there. that wasn't someone else, that was me in all my undignified glory. the only thing i can apologize for is the fact that i vented in someone else's space. i won't apologize for what was said here or there though, cuz the truth is the truth.

for the humility needed to accept the observations of other folk who check my behavior when it ain't kosher. sometimes it takes the objective view of someone on the outside to put a person back on the right track.

for roycesdaughter and tjeanise who have enough wisdom and maturity to let me know when i'm acting like i lack those same qualities.

for people having the courage to say how they really feel, even if it takes an attack on one's character to do so. makes the world a cleaner place in which people are educated with honesty and can choose to surround him or herself with people who say what they mean and mean what they say. that's an empowering thing.

for crisp breezes and snapping winds and thunderstorms to remind me that even mother nature can get tempermental every now and again.

for the people who make the choice to read my blog when you could be doing something way more productive than reading the rants of a sarcastic sista. your words of encouragement and praise humble me and uplift my spirits (or douse my ego when necessary too.)

for having the means to assist my brother when he needs it. he's one of the few people in the world who'd get my last dime without a second thought from me.

for my blaquescriber fam...that chat last night opened my eyes to so many possibilities and empowered me with knowledge.

for scarlettrae who was there at just the right time with her compassion, understanding, candor, and sincere desire to aid me in my quest for clarity. talking to you reminds me how important it is to really filter out those folk who are not on the same page with me spiritually and emotionally and morally.

for stiltwalker, for her ear and patience. when it really comes down to it, the sista came through like a champ.

for tenacious, who's creativity and brilliant sense of humor always makes me laugh. if you are down folk, check out her blog. no doubt you'll find yourself in better spirits in no time. mind you, her entries are longer than most books, but it's worth it ;)

for 'dan.cing the', cuz for the first time in a while my mom and i were able to talk about something other than family issues. it was cool sitting there listening to her scream when she found out emmitt won.

for the strong stomach needed to witness o.j. make a complete ass of himself yet again with his new book. man, i never really questioned his sanity until i checked that move. really, a person gotta be insane to do what he's doing. no other answer for it...

for the daily conversations i have with the people who care about me and vice versa.

for him, who time and again find new ways of leaving me in awe. i see you growing luv, and it's a beautiful thing to witness.

we're still here, folk. what a wonderful place to be.