Monday, November 28, 2005

timing is everything

so you find yourself in a relationship. it's aiight, but probably not the most satisfying for you. then you meet someone you vibe with instantly. you have alot in common with this person and you start wondering to yourself if you've made the right decision to be with the one you've chosen. only thing is, the person you are vibing with is also in a relationship, so it's not like you can end your without that person also having to end his or hers.

so what is the solution? do you stay in the friendship with the person you're vibing with? do you say to yourself "i'm totally cool with the fact that my imagination is putting me in his arms but i can't ever have him."

or do you end the friendship because you know you'll just end up frustrated at the fact that you can't have what you want?

and does vibing with this person mean there are some important factors lacking in your current relationship?

is the grass always greener on the other side or does it just seem that way?