Wednesday, November 09, 2005

fifty things about me

1. i love oral sex
2. i am fascinated with the beauty of a penis
3. i love animals but refuse to own a pet because of the thought of losing it hurts my heart
4. i read a book a day
5. i rarely watch television, and when i do, it's never reality television
6. i'm a voracious sports fan, especially of college and pro football and college basketball
7. i think the quality of nba basketball has suffered as a result of allowing high school players to join it.
8. i'm very opinionated and rarely give a shit about whether or not my opinion is the popular one
9. i'm a leo
10. i masturbate at least once a week, even if i have sex every day of that week
11. my favorite sexual position is me riding on top because i love the power the position gives me
12. my second favorite sexual position is doggie-style because i love feeling of powerlessness it gives me and i enjoy the feeling of a man gripping my ass while we're having sex
13. i once gave an ex-boyfriend a blowjob in a restaurant
14. i've tried anal sex once and it was funny because we didn't have any lubricant so we used hand lotion. needless to say, it hurt like hell.
15. my favorite nfl team is the dallas cowboys because i've been fans of them for the longest
16. i used to choose other favorite teams by whether or not they hadt a black quarterback or black head coach because i felt future opportunities would be afforded to others based on their success
17. i had a one-time sexual encounter with a married white man ten years ago
18. he had a large penis and was very talented with oral sex
19. the encounter took place in the bathroom of the building we both worked in
20. my favorite color is celedon
21. the last time i had a pedicure, the proprietor brought out her huskiest worker because the crust on my feet was about two inches thick
22. i fart in my sleep
23. i broke two of my teeth when i was twelve after falling face first onto a slab of concrete while chasing a boy who had just squeezed one of my asscheeks without my permission (back then it was known as "scooping")
24. my mom has lupus
25. she is also a functioning alcoholic
26. i once considered attending the university of southern california because my crush at the time was raider running back marcus allen who was an alumnus of the school
27. i stopped considering it when i realized he preferred white women
28. i used to be a cheerleader for the pop warner team tony dorsett's son played for
29. my aunt bought me my favorite dildo
30. i have only one sibling, a brother younger than me by 13 months
31. the first time i had sex, i was raped
32. i've been raped twice
33. the first time i came in contact with a penis, i was a seven year old being molested by a sixteen year old boy
34. i told my parents about my rapes and molestation for the first time two years ago during a dinner at red lobster.
35. i've worn glasses since i was eight years old
36. i have astigmatism
37. my father was killed in a car accident by a hit and run driver when i was three years old
38. the only memory i have of him is when he gave me a spanking once when i was two
39. for the first two years after my mom remarried, i would cuss my stepfather out everyday
40. i played football from ages 8-13 (right around the time when my body blossomed and made it more difficult for me to play without squashing a tit).
41. my positions were wide receiver, kicker, and punter
42. i am a self-taught pianist
43. i have attention deficit disorder
44. occasionally i suffer from depression
45. i write poetry
46. i wrote my first poem when i was five and gave it to the father of the guy i wrote it about
48. i can't stand when my lips are chapped and constantly keep lip balm on them
49. i rarely wear make up
50. i'm a student majoring in english composition and african-american studies