Friday, November 18, 2005

don't confuse me with a ho

i was gonna entitle this "don't confuse me with a whore" but i want to be real clear about who my audience is, and it ain't the brothas who refer to easy sistas as "whore". so if you know the ho i'm talking about ain't a hostess treat or a farm tool, listen closely.

the last two posts of mine have been a bit explicit. i won't apologize cuz sex is a part of life and ain't nothing to be ashamed of. anybody who equates sex with "being bad" is probably the kind of person who's offended by the term "doggie style" because it infers they're fucking a dog.

however, let's not confuse frank discussion about sex with a proclivity for casual sexual behavior with strangers. i enjoy talking about sex. i enjoy watching sex. i enjoy fantasizing about sex. i enjoy having sex. i do not enjoy having sex with strangers. my fascination with all things dick ain't nothing new to brothas who have been with sexually experienced women. the real of it is that the penis is a beautiful thing and should be worshiped for the joy it can bring to the world. it's because of this that i enjoy talking about it.

but just because i talk about dick doesn't mean i don't mind having some stranger's dick rammed into my twat. i don't know where your dick has been and despite my candor here, you don't know where my pussy has been. why would you even want to be all up in me without knowing me first?

a friend told me last night i shouldn't be surprised with being propositioned for anonymous sex considering the content of my previous posts. well, i am. my naivety evidently knows no bounds. i acknowledge that. on the flip side though, recognize your narrow-mindedness knows no bounds, cuz labeling a sexually comfortable sista a ho is indeed narrow-minded.

now maybe the confusion comes because sex is seen as a sacred intimacy and one who speaks of it in a non-sacred manner is someone who is willing to share it with just about anybody. let me put a stop to that misunderstanding right here. fucking is a good thing. shit, with the right person it can even be a great thing. however, i don't have to talk about fucking only in terms of "making love" and all the sappy shit that goes with that version of discussion in order to find it sacred enough to share only with the person i care about. whether the term is fornicating, screwing, humping, procreating, breeding, copulating, or fucking, it's all the same action. it refers to the same sexual intimacy between people. notice i didn't add 'raping' to that list. that's different, and if you don't see that, then you're one fucked up individual.

i hope i've cleared up any misunderstanding regarding my nature. if not, let me end with this: if i don't know you, i won't be fucking you.