Monday, November 07, 2005

note to terrell owens: shut the fuck up. please.

there is no denying the impact of terrell owens on the field. his presence automatically elongates the field, making it impossible for defenses to commit totally to the run, forcing them to dedicate usually both a cornerback and a safety to his area of the field. he is the epitome of a competitive player who both practices and plays harder than many on the field and is willing to play injured. i have no quarrel with him as a football player on the field.

however, when it comes to him off the field, i just wish he would shut the fuck up. he presents a dilemma for owners. his talent is damn near impossible to ignore. he would be a positive addition to any team if he could only learn to muzzle his mouth. that's the problem, though. he's an immature brat who is easily offended by any comment he perceives as derogatory against him.

i remember when the brotha first got to philadelphia. the impression was that he and donovan mcnabb were getting along really well and their relationship was going to create the most productive quarterback-receiver tandem in nfl history. right up until he got injured, philly was enjoying the fruits of his labor, winning games on his touchdown catches and phenomenal big play grabs. then the brotha got injured and turned into a pussy. not in the sense that he refused to play because of the injury. everyone remembers how he played in the super bowl injured. no, he turned into a bitch when his feelings were hurt after mcnabb and others told the media they could win without him. mind you, between 2001 and 2003 (prior to his arrival), philly had a 35-13 record with three straight division championships. sure, they were lacking in the receiving corps which is why he was brought in the first place, but let's not get it twisted...philly wasn't some piss-ass team that was losing prior to him getting there. they were successful in every way an nfl team can be without making it to the super bowl.

in other words, terrell owens was there to make a great team better, so when mcnabb said they could win without him, he was telling the truth. and anyway, what quarterback in his right mind is gonna say "oh shit! our best receiver is out with an injury! we're gonna lose for sure..." no matter what, no football player is gonna admit the absence of a player means certain doom for his team. for terrell not to understand this and to instead take it personally and assume philly didn't want him is evidence of his lack of maturity. for him to then take that hurt and turn it into the equivalent of a child's temper tantrum in the middle of a department store, is evidence of his mental instability as far as i'm concerned.

so he's dissatisfied with his contract. boo fucking hoo. as we've seen in the past, football players by and large get the shaft when it comes to their contracts. it's not like the nba or baseball where players get guaranteed long-term contracts for big money. professional football is a contact sport where a player's career can end on the turn of a knee on artificial turf. these guys do good just to get a contract to cover them for a couple of years, and even then the teams have clauses giving them the right to cut a brotha before his contract is up.

now i have a problem with that whole contract thing as it applies to players, but that's another discussion. this is about owens, which suits him just fine as he bitches and moans with the intent of getting the attention like a baby crying so his parent will give him his bottle. if owens was dissatisfied with his contract, he shouldn't have signed it in the first place. he should have held out until he got the money he wanted if it was truly that serious to him. instead he must have assumed the eagles were gonna renegotiate his contract at the end of the year, once they got to the super bowl. when that didn't happen, bratty kid kicked it into high gear and suddenly had an issue with the organization and mcnabb.

and that's where i truly wish owens would shut the fuck up. mcnabb might not have won that super bowl, but no one can deny his talent, intelligence, and passion for the game. he IS a fucking warrior. when owens agreed that brett favre would have led the eagles to an undefeated season this year because he's perceived as a warrior, i wanted to kick owens in the nuts. mcnabb has been playing with a sports hernia ALL FUCKING YEAR. in fact, mcnabb has yet to get through an entire season without playing through an injury. who da fuck does owens think he is making a statement like that? oh yeah, he's the little bitch whining about the fact that philly showed him no love when he reached the 100 td catch plateau. what? is this man really an adult???

so now it's monday, terrell owens has been suspended indefinitely, and philly lost to washington last night without him. what a fucked up situation...philly has one of the most talented posession receivers in the league and his mouth is the gun shooting holes into their season. should they bring him back? if i was philly, i'd tell him to go fuck himself and deactivate his ass until the end of the year. the only way i'd let him back is if he apologized, and i mean the kind of apology that involves being on his knees kissing mcnabb's cleats.

terrell, if you're reading this i just want to tell you i think you're the most talented receiver in the league. i also think you're the most immature pussy i've ever seen in your position. stop depicting yourself as the victim here (like you've done in every situation affecting you) and own up to your behavior.

shut the fuck up.

then grow the fuck up.