Thursday, November 17, 2005

big-dicked guys have it made...

he doesn't have to be cute and he knows it. he could be so ugly the doctor tried to shove him back into his momma's womb at his birth and it wouldn't matter. he still walk into a room like he owns it, a self-confident swagger in his stride. he's a bit aloof, feeling it completely unnecessary for him to pursuit any of the women around him. he's content to sit back and wait for a woman to make eye contact with him. once that contact is made, he sits back and waits for her to come over. the thing is, he KNOWS she's gonna come, because he's got that secret package that is guaranteed to get her nose open.

she walks to him, not really certain why he didn't come to her first, but for some unknown reason feels compelled to further the acquaintance. once they get past the introductions, she realizes this guy has very little conversation. he puts forth little if any effort to move the conversation along, makes frequent glances around the room as if he's seeking out additional prey, and barely pays attention to what she's saying. the kicker is, she doesn't care. she just got a whiff of the reason behind her willingness to put up with this behavior...

this guy has a big dick.

see, a guy with a big dick doesn't have to put on tight jeans to accentuate the third leg he has in his crotch. he doesn't have to make statements like "i've got a big dick and i know how to use it." all that effort is unnecessary. all he gotta do is simply be. he knows no matter what kind of pants he wears, his dick is so big a woman will be able to spot it out as soon as she's standing in front of him. let's not get it twisted...he's not hung so low the head of his dick is peeking from beneath his trouser legs. no...he's got just enough length and thickness to put a serious bump in his crotch, but not so large where it enters a room before he does.

and he knows this is enough lure to pull in any woman he wants.

he's already got a black book full of women he could call on a moments notice. he's not even that great of a lover. half the time he could give a shit if the woman he's with has an orgasm. as far as he's concerned, she's priviledge enough to be the woman he chose to fuck that night. so what if she doesn't cum. she's getting a first class ride on monster dick airlines and the token bags of peanuts she receives as a meal should be enough.

shit, it'll HAVE to be enough, cuz a guy with a big dick most times does the bare minimum when it comes to sex. the fact is, the bigger the dick, the less a brotha feels compelled to do sexually.

now i'm sure there are brothas out there who are the exception to the rule. the ones who for whatever reason, haven't allowed the fact that they've got a big dick go to their heads. i don't think that's a significant portion, though. and guys, before you get mad and contradict my theory because you see yourself as being a considerate lover, be real with yourself.

do you really have a big dick? i'm talking larger than average, cuz the average dick ain't all that big. how thick is it? does it have a large head on it? i'm sure you've seen other dicks when you've gone to the bathroom or if you've been in a locker room. is your dick size on average with the brothas around you? here's the thing...the whole advantage of having a big dick is being able to confidently say "there aren't alot of guys out there with a dick as big as mine is." its this uniqueness that sets that kind of brotha apart from the others and makes him more appealing to women.

fo really...we sexually experienced women have had average to small sized dicks probably 90% of our encounters. this means we've spent alot of our sexual lives dealing with the issues that come with a guy with an average to small sized dick: short strokes so a brotha's dick won't fall out, having to squeeze our pussy or bring our legs in closer together so we can feel what's going on, telling him to be rougher with his strokes so every blue moon we can actually feel a dick reach deeper into our wombs.

so when a brotha with a big dick comes around, is it really surprising that sistas are willing to put up with his shit? of course not. don't be mad fellas. we women aren't supposed to get upset if you choose the girl with the bigger titties, phatter ass, and slimmer body. the only physical barometer you guys really have to contend with is dick size. you could be fat and fugly but as long as you've got a big dick, you'll get play.

that said, while many sistas will put up with a big-dicked for the sake of his big dick, there are also many of us who recognize the worth in the rest of you brothas. i'll give props to you guys in an upcoming post.