Monday, November 14, 2005

there is good news and bad news...

the good news is that one of my football fantasy teams is so spectacularly horrid my decision to put brunell on the bench in favor of orton didn't matter, cuz i'm losing by 44 points anyway.

oh wait...that's the bad news, too.


i was at a card party friday night. had two rum and cokes, two puffs of weed, and ended up on the bed upstairs sleeping after puking my everything but my intestines and my heart out. *note to self: just cuz you've been offered weed, doesn't mean you should take it, especially if you haven't smoked weed in over seven years..."

*second note to self: try eating food before you down two big ass cups of rum with a splash of coke in 'em. an 8 oz bag of doritos ten hours prior to your first drink just ain't enough.

saturday was spent avoiding people while i recovered from friday night. i watched uga lose, ga tech get its ass handed to it, and lsu put the sneak up beat up on alabama. sunday i spent setting up my fantasy league teams, watching the nfl on cbs and fox, and reading.

in other words, a completely unproductive yet most satisfying weekend.

oh yeah...r.i.p. eddie guerrero.