Thursday, March 02, 2006

by any means necessary

i admit it. i'm guilty of purposefully trying to get a brotha horny.

if i'm eating something creamy with a spoon, i have been known to slowly lick the spoon with my tongue extended, my eyes coyly holding his gaze as i do so. and yeah, i hope he squirms in his seat right there, imagining me licking his dick in the same thorough, methodical manner.

i could be eating ice cream with him when suddenly i thrust out my tongue and curl it around the curved top of the scoop, watching him closely as his eyes narrow, a tortured look on his face as he recognizes my ability not only to lick with authority but also to wrap my tongue around that which i'm licking. my tongue would become my sculptor's tool, the ice cream the clay i mold with bold strokes, folding the scoop neatly as i lap up each layer of cream, maybe even letting a drop or two gather at the corner of my mouth before sticking my tongue out to catch the drop as it trickles down my face.. i'd leave just enough ice cream on my lips so that they glisten from the remnants of my feasting.

once the scoop of ice cream is gone i'd probably get even a little more mischievous, dipping my tongue into the cone before languorously making my way up the inside of the cone, then i'd nibble a little on the cusp of the cone before dragging my tongue down the veins on the outside, imitating what i'd do if i had his dick in my mouth right then. of course i'd be getting fucked soon thereafter, which was the whole point of the demonstration.

and lawd if i'm ever around him when i'm sucking on a lollipop. actually, sometimes i would purchase a really large, sticky, round lollipop for the express purpose of letting him see me lick and suck on it. i'd play like i'm not even aware of him watching me as i start off by slowly swirling my tongue around the bulbous surface, then following the path with my lips before slowly taking the lollipop into my mouth and sucking on it gently. i'd feign indifference even after i hear his breath catch, even as i feel the air around us thicken, his attention rapt upon my mouth as i continue my oral assault on the candy.

this is what i'd do if i was just sucking on the head. see how gentle i am with it? i know it's sensitive, so i want to show it all of the attention it deserves because sensitive things require extra care.

he's still looking at me, his breathing becoming a little labored as he struggles to gain control of himself. i've got a little smile on my face as i feel that struggle, my own needs making themselves known as i squeeze my thighs to stop my clit from throbbing. eventually i might turn to face him and wink, a sly smile on my face as i deep throat the lollipop. that's right around the time when he says "damn, baby...", as he continues looking on. i usually don't get to finish the lollipop, though. about three to five minutes into my performance, i'm gonna be grabbed and thoroughly kissed before being stripped and thoroughly fucked.

mission accomplished.

and no, i don't feel guilty about the subtle manipulation. sometimes subtlety goes a long way. i know there are brothas out there who would argue that sistas should just be straightforward and tell them they wanna get fucked. meanwhile, where's the fun in that? don't get me wrong...i dig the idea of greeting my man at the door with my bare ass in the air. i figure that'd be self-explanatory. however, sometimes a sista just wants a little build up. sometimes she wants to tease just to see how far she can take him before he loses his composure completely. i can admit my ego's involved. what sista wouldn't want her man to lose control simply from watching her lick on a lollipop?

so i'll continue thinking up new ways to entice a brotha. maybe i'll wash the dishes while i'm butt naked, then sprinkle myself with the suds from the dishwater. think that'd work?

you know it would.