Thursday, March 23, 2006

new blogs to check out

this idea came after i found so many wonderful blogs over the last couple of days. seeing as many of them are brand new in blogworld, this is my opportunity to give them shout outs. i hope you check them out cuz they're really awesome blogs!

okay, i just checked jay's blog today and realized he just posted a photo of his girlfriend's titties on it. LOL. uh, yeah. so anyway, he also has beautiful photos of OTHER globes, like the moon and stuff. he's from london, so expect to see many posts about football (euro style of course), but he also drops posts about socio-politics and self-introspection. you know those are two of my favorite subjects!

sangindiva blew me away this morning with her vocal stylings. no, i ain't exagerrating. she really IS that talented. when i say american idol still hasn't tapped into the real talent here in america, i MEAN it. her acapella version of the american anthem is TOP NOTCH. her voice reminds me alot of tamia, which is good cuz tamia can sing. please listen and let her know she's got the skills.

i'm not even sure how i found this sista's site, but i'm so glad i did! lena is not only a wonderful storyteller, but her posts are so candid. she speaks of her fears and triumphs, her love and loss, and her challenges. i just wish the sista would POST MORE OFTEN.

i found this gem through t. casanova's comment section. unsaid hooked me with her true story about how she found and fell in love with her soul mate. what sista (especially THIS sista who is all into romance novels) can resist that? it was told so beautifully, written in such a way that i felt as though i was right there with her! she also just recently self-published a book of poetry. i purchased it last week and i have to say the sista is lyrically gifted. she has a sampling of it on her blog. i encourage you to check it out for yourself. oh, and the guy she was talking about in her love story? he's got his own blog telling of HIS side of the tale.

my girl mwabi always drops the dime on television shows, but the best part of her blog is the straight up honesty she puts down about life and relationships. recently she did a post about how the hampton business school was making its students cut off their dreadlocks because corporate america wouldn't have it. she and i were of the same accord on that particular issue (basically, black folk should rock locs if they wanna), and she actually got me to watch project runway! i never saw THAT happening. she just recently moved to a new blog spot, which is in the link.

okay, i admit it. i know this sista offline, so perhaps my deduction that her blog is brilliant is a bit biased, but i don't care. naima simply amazes me with the level of intimacy she brings to her posts, especially the ones about the guys in the ny. she is my sister in spirit and i love her dearly!

speaking of brilliant, rusatta is another sista i know offline. now her blog is straight up on the "let's get this world fixed folks" tip. she's opinionated but not preachy, and i love reading about her antics on wallstreet with her boss who doesn't seem to have a clue.

thatnypoetgirl is going through some serious shit right now with her relationships and it has been absolutely fascinating to read. if you've ever been in a situation that has sapped you of your self-control you know what this sista is going through. her poetry is tight, too.

until i started reading these guys' blog, i didn't even realize there was such a thing as "black man happily married". closet-owner and sarccastik actually got me believing not only in love between black folk, but also in fidelity among black men. i ain't mad at it!

mochagirl is a black canadian representing to the fullest. her most recent post was hilarious (any woman out there will relate to her as she listens to the b.s. that cat was dishing). she's into music of all kind and her posts are almost always insightful with some humor dashed in for good measure.

so those are the blogs i've just discovered. i hope you find them as fascinating and engrossing as i have.