Sunday, March 12, 2006

tourney pick 'em info

instead of emailing the new folk who want to join, i decided to post the tourney pick 'em league info here:

link to pick 'em page

group id# 12076
password: devine

the league is simple:

1. after the selection of the teams and the brackets by ncaa committee, you get to pick who will win each game from each round.

2. you get points for every team you correctly choose as a winner.

3. whomever has the most points at the end of the tournament, wins.

all you have to do is name your team, pick the folk you think will win, then sit back and wait for your predictions to be all wrong. :)

all picks have to be made by no later than this upcoming thursday, as that's when the ncaa tourney begins.

my boy viperteq suggests we put money towards an itunes gift card or something, but i figure i'm cool with just playing for pride. i'll have to convince him otherwise.

good luck folks!