Tuesday, March 21, 2006

random thoughts

is he fucking her?

how come brothas always try to make up for negligence after a sista say she bout ta bounce?

why can't he recognize when it just ain't meant to be?

i need some new bras...and some new underwear for that matter.

why can't i make myself work today?

is that bitch still trying to get me fired?

i really hate her ass.

you know, no matter what new sista comes into the picture, the exs always have the upper hand.

i'm cool with being friends with guys unless i want to fuck them, then i want us to be lovers.

robert mack's post about receiving a stellar blowjob got me wanting to suck a dick right about now.

his need for attention borders on being unhealthy.

knockout zed masturbates more than i do. that means a mothafucka masturbates ALOT.

i really gotta stop thinking about him. this shit is getting ridiculous.

man, but his lips look so fucking kissable.

the last guy to write love poetry about me was my elementary school boyfriend. that's kinda fucked up.

i am so ready to get the fuck up out of my situation.

shit! he's such a good brotha though...maybe i should reconsider.

nah, we can't stay together but i fucking hate the idea of hurting him like this.

how come it's so fucking hard to let a brotha know it just ain't working out?

gawtdamnit, i miss sucking dick.

damn, i really need to call that sista back about the apartments.

does he even realize he watches speedvision and car shit as much as he does?

how is it a sista can be in a relationship and still feel alone?

i gotta start focusing on me again.

i don't even know why i'm tripping like this. it ain't even that deep. for real, it ain't.

really, it's not nikki.

think about it...there are plenty of folk in the world who you could connect with significantly if given the chance.

i wish my brother wasn't suffering so much.

i really want to move back to new york.

mindfucks have way more potential for damaging a sista's spirit than physical fucking does.

i thought honesty meant full disclosure? when did we start dancing around shit like there was something to lose? there ain't nothing to lose, right?

even if he's fucking her, i can't do shit about it.

but i can damn sure do something about me.

today is supposed to be an important day, so why do i feel like i want to throw up?

just because you want something doesn't mean you get it.

i think i'm becoming more and more cool with that now.

i swear i'm surrounded by a bunch of college-educated racists.

if i step away now, i think i can salvage my pride.

this is all gonna make one helluva good book one day.

my brackets might be fucked up, but i'm still not the dallas cowboys. terrell owens? lawd.

if that little fucker messes up my team i'm traveling to dallas and kicking his ass.

cocoalounge might be the new spot to drop some poetry. then again, i gotta admit alot of that shit is corny as fuck.

he knows i'm different so why he trying to treat me the same as the rest?