Wednesday, February 08, 2006

the moment of first meeting

i just found this cat through another ear attuned to the beauty of the perfect threading of living lyrics, molten melody, and volumptuous vocals. i don't even know how this cat came up. all i know is that all of a sudden i was downloading raheem devaughn. next thing you know, i was listening to the first song you while sprawled across the fluid form of his falsetto, riding the thrusts of his tenderly rendered declarations, ascending into a climatic note of his elation at finding the voice for his feelings and my revelation at finding my voice in his feelings, before finally descending into the quivering afterglow of his repeated whispers....

"you inspire inspire inspire inspire inspire me...
you inspire me inspire inspire inspire inspire me..."

i cradled that high for about 30 minutes, repeating the song over and over again, feeling the words echo through me, a soft stroke of fingers across an oversensitive clit still experiencing the lingering twitches from a powerful orgasm.

i was being mindfucked.

that shit felt SO.DAMN.GOOD.

then i played the next it possible

"Can a smile lead to a hello
And a hello lead to a first date and
a first date to a can't wait to do it again
Ain't no pressure(no)
Can just let love develop
Get to know one another
From a sister
To a brother"

but frankly, after that first experience, we were past initial possibilities. i was already contemplating being the brotha's baby's momma. no...make that babies...

then he had the nerve to woo me with a classic. it was the equivalent of setting us up in a four star hotel when he would have gotten some ass in the back seat of his car. guess who loves you more had my ears licking verdine white's fingers for every last trace of the sampled riff can't hide love.

"Lady,lady,lady my darling darling baby
I wanna restore your hope forget about the past
this things gon last Oh (for the tears you used to shed)
I wanna dry them (when you tossed & turned in bed)
I wanna rock you to sleep the right way,what I'm tryna say is..."

you don't have to say another word, baby. no convincing me is necessary. i want you to dry my tears. dry my tears, wet my...oh well, you know what i'm sayin'...

yeah, boo did and he decided to get bold with it (he knew i liked that shit like that) he said to me, ask yourself

"i'll leave you happy yes
im well educated ooo
and me and the maker of love
we were both related yea
when i wrap my lips around you
baby baby your going to get faded yea
are you prepared for love on cloud 9 girl cause i can make it"

i don't have to ask myself shit after that, boo. come on...that line about wrapping your lips around me and getting me faded straight up left my clef trebling....
i have to say, my first meeting with raheem was magical. i know i was a bit fast in giving him my heart so completely, but i have no doubt he'll take good care of it.

that is, until brotha makes a song entitled it's over bitch!