Friday, February 03, 2006

CD Mix Challenge Result (Updated 2.8.06)

it's obvious music plays a large part in most of our lives. this challenged garnered all kinds of responses!

first, let me acknowledge the originator, the one and only ddot the king, as he was the one who passed it on to me. damn, that sounds like he gave me an std. oh well...

some folk added some questions to their lists. why didn't i think of that???

a few observations:

- my petition by jill scott seems to be a popular political song chosen by folk. that pleases me.

- i hate you so much right now by kellis is the most popular song to tell someone you hate they ass.

- before i let go by frankie beverly & maze is popping up on lists as the song that most makes folk get up offa they asses and run to the dance floor. i forgot all about this song until i saw it on someone else's list. i'm gonna say right now that if i was dead in a coffin and that song was played at my funeral, my dead ass would be popping out of the coffin to boogie to that song.

- to be young gifted and black showed up...both the version by nina simone AND donny hathaway, as the song that should have been played when folk were born. i love both versions, although i have to say that donnie's version for some reason resonates more. probably cuz he was still young, gifted, and black when he quit the world. it just makes the song all the more heartbreakingly poignant.

- ebony & ivory pair rick james and teena marie popped up a couple of times as favorite duo, as did roberta flack and donny hathaway. is it just me, or is the fact that a brotha who's been dead almost thirty years (hathaway) and is still popping up on 'favorites' list, a testament to the fact that brotha was just fucking brilliant?

- another cat whose brilliance was cut way too short was otis redding, who showed up a couple of times with i've been loving you too long.

finally, it would appear that despite his predilection for all things pubescent and hairless, r. kelly still knows how to put out the songs that will get folk out on the dance floor. i am wracking my brain trying to figure out the connection between the two...a pact with the devil perhaps?

aiight, here are the lists folks came up with. i love putting in the links because it gives you a chance to head to their blogs and check out what's going down.

first one to respond to the challenge was west, which didn't surprise me because he's always the kid who raises his hand first cuz he's got the answers. i just can't believe brotha would choose whitney houston's version of i'm every woman over chaka khan's! *sigh*

kween analyzes gospel rap lyrics. gospel rap??? for real...there IS such a thing? now she gonna have me out there analyzing it too.

took time out to do THREE lists. she agrees with others that the song hova by jay-z is a song to disagree with politically, morally,commonsenically, religiously etc, but she digs it anyway.

t. casanova not only analyzed the song the truth by india.arie, he analyzed sanctified lady by marvin gaye...both in the same day. so it's all about the straight up truth of love...and straight up fucking is the truth.

made sure the south in all its crunkness was represented to the fullest, right on down to a good song from a genre of music that no one would guess that she liked...crazy by patsy cline. she's right, cuz i neva would have guessed that one.

thoughtsofablacksoutherngirl loves the miseducation of lauryn hill cuz she's got a couple of songs from that one album on her list. damn if that wasn't one of the best albums of the 1990s. what the fuck happened to that sista, anyway? i cram to understand, lauryn...i really do.

chezniki represented my generation to the fullest, cuz she's got damn near every song i would have contemplated on her list.

bullfrog has a very r&b heavy rotation on his list. he's proof that skin color has no bearing on musical tastes. oh, and i remember playing da HELL outta fast lane by bilal. in fact, that whole cd is still tight.

insanelysane's list became platinum as soon as i saw shook ones by mobb deep. i STILL play that shit at least once a month.

when i checked verseone's list, i should have known i'd see many familiar and beloved cuts, but the one that stands out is definitely nothing even matters – lauryn hill ft. d’angelo. to be in love like that? SHHHIIIIT. but dude...peanut butter jelly time? i can't hate...i love the damn song, too.

honey libra brought back some good damn memories when i read her list. sittin' up in my room by brandy was my JOINT when it first hit. you KNOW that waiting to exhale cd was one of the tightest compilation cds ever. DON'T HATE.

aquababie represents the 'list nikki was most likely to have if she'd actually sat down and thought about her answers'. very diverse, and she got my boy FRANK on there.

organized noise brought to my attention another well-loved dance to give it up by marvin gaye. if i'm at an old school party, this song is on the turntable, and i'm talking about the eleven minute version. how da hell the brotha stretched that song into eleven minutes i'll never know, but i thank the lord for it.

olawunmi has some cuts on his list representing africa, as he's from nigeria. i'll be downloading those cuts cuz i've never heard of them.

cool ac just dropped her list in my lap. what's going on by marvin gaye is yet another political song i'm seeing alot on these lists. oh, and her list gets platinum status with the addition of one mic by nas

teej got me looking up ras kass nature of a threat after reading some of the lyrics. it also reminded me of a friend who likes to use the term 'bitch ass niggaz'.

my girl shawn dropped her list finally (LOL), and i gotta admit to being blown away by her political song, deer dance by system of a down. in fact, your entire list is full of songs i've never heard before. i'll be downloading some of those today.

check out drew's list. he's got songs from marvin gaye, george strait, all the way to michael jackson! tell me this cat doesn't have diversifed taste in music...

scarlettrae's list is lyrics heavy, but that's to be expected because she's a writer, and a great one at that.

if i missed your list, let me know and i'll add your blog to the list of links.