Wednesday, February 01, 2006

CD Mix Challenge

aiight, so my boy king came with a list i can get with. as much as i love music, this was one i was looking forward to completing. then i realized the bad thing about loving all genres of music is the fact that i have way too many songs that could qualify for each of these questions and i hate to choose just one. oh well...i tried.

1) A favorite political track.
my petition - jill scott

sista had me thinking she was talking about her man letting her down. turns out she was talking about the american government letting her down. check out the lyrics here.

2) One of those tracks that make you dance on the dancefloor no matter what.
happy people - r.kelly

yeah, so the brotha got a thing for pubescent cooch. he still knows how to turn out a dance song that'll have you on the floor every time it's on the turntable.

3) The song you’d use to tell someone you love them.
can't hide love - earth, wind, & fire

this ain't just a declaration of love. it's a carefully worded persuasive demand for the fool to admit he loves me too. the lyrics might as well have been pulled from my mouth, cuz i would have said it the exact same way . not to mention the fact that the song is a damn all-time classic. check out the lyrics here.

4) A song that has made you sit down and analyze it’s lyrics.
i analyze all lyrics. that's the writer in me.

5) A song that you like, that a two year old would like as well.
i can - nas

it's repetitive, so they'll remember, the words are simple and easy to understand, and best of all, it's positive!

6) A song that gives you an energy boost.
fuel - metallica

"GIVE ME FUEL, GIVE ME FIRE, GIVE ME THAT WHICH I DESIRE!" is the screamed declaration that slides into a beginning guitar riff that is basically telling eardrums everywhere that an invasion is about to occur, so they'd best get ready...

7) A song that you and your grandparents (would probably) like.
summertime - ella fitzgerald and louis armstrong.

i have a large collection of music from that period, so my grandparents would have a lot to choose from. i LOVE music from the big band era.

8) A song that you really liked when you were 14-16, and still really like now.
tender love - force mds

i had a crush on this guy right around then and that song played in my mind over and over again as i would envision him kissing me. meanwhile, he treated me like i was his pet sister. *sigh*

9) A sad song that would be in the soundtrack of the movie about your life.
a change gon' come - sam cooke

cuz no matter how bad things get, i gotta hang in there cuz a change gonna come.

10) A peppy song that would start the opening credits of the movie about your life.
just to get by - talib kweli

cuz it's everyday and it's real and each day is a blessing.

11) A good song from a genre of music that no one would guess that you liked.
i am a man of constant sorrow - soggy bottom boys

actually, if you've checked my profile, you already know i love it all.

12) A song that you think should have been playing when you were born.
ladies first - queen latifah

we hold these truths to be self-evident...

13) A favorite artist duo collaboration.
donny hathaway & roberta flack

where is the love indeed...

14) A favorite song that you completely disagree with (politically, morally,
commonsenically, religiously etc.)
bitch betta have my money - amg

and yet everytime i heard that damn song, i'd be screaming out the lyrics right along with everybody else.

15) The song that you like despite the fact your IQ level drops several points
every time you listen to it.
if it's too stupid, i ain't listening to it.

16) Your smooth song, for relaxing.
what you won't do for love - bobby caldwell

i don't care how stressed i am, that song always gets me smooth.

17) A song you would send to someone you hate or are mad at.
shit, damn, mothafucka - d'angelo

cuz it uses two of my very favorite cuss words...and one of them ain't 'damn'.

18) A favorite track from an outfit considered a “super-group.”
the entire 'back on the block' cd by quincy jones

that cd brought three generations together at my house. we had ella fitzgerald for my granny, barry white for my moms, and al b. sure for me. i'm gonna write about that experience one day. it was really amazing.

19) A song that makes you reminsce about good times with a family member.
i love every little thing about you baby - stevie wonder

my pops played this song alot for my moms. my mom always gets teary-eyed when she hears it now. so do i.

20) Your favorite song at this moment in time.
do what i do - jamie foxx

DAMN RIGHT i wanna put my thighs up damnit...

aiight. i challenge you to come up with a list. drop it in your blog so i can link it up at the end of the week.