Tuesday, February 07, 2006

and ain't a damn thing wrong with it

no doubt about it. i understand the effects of a patriarchal society upon the self-esteem and sense of self-worth of women. i've personally experienced the results of the sense of entitlement many men feel regarding the domain of a woman's body as a result of some of the messages put forth in a society whose power structure is constructed and dominated by men. i know there are plenty of women out there who are being exploited and objectified. i get it.

but as someone who is aware of these things and believes strongly enough in the fight for the empowerment of women to put action to words, i find there are women in the feminist movement out there who would have an issue with me. why?

because every now and again, i wanna be fucked.

no, i'm not talking about the sensual slow stroking, tender caressing, gentle kissing kind of intimacy. i'm talking about the ass-cheek squeezin', dick in twat ramming, bed headboard putting dents in the wall pounding, clutching and screaming, straight up unadulterated fucking. there are times i WANT to submit.

and there ain't a damn thing wrong with it.

it would seem there are those members of the womens' movement who believe my admittance of such desires is me saying i am cool with women being objectified because when it's fucking and not making love, there is no 'respect of the rights of women' placed in the equation. we're reduced to tits and ass when it's about fucking. men aren't appreciating our minds and our contributions to society. you know what? i'm not appreciating their minds or their contributions to society either. i'm thinking about his dick and all the ways he's gonna fuck me with it. i'm thinking about his mouth and all the ways he's gonna lick me, suck me, kiss me, bite me with it. i'm thinking about his hands and all the ways he's gonna use them to blaze new trails of discovery across my face, my tits, my stomach, my legs, my ass, my pussy.

i'm not giving one thought to the fact that brotha might be making more money than me because he's a guy. the fact that he probably got to his position of power because he's a man ain't crossing my mind at any time during that moment.

i want him to look at my body and see a mocha land he wants to invade by any means necessary. i want him to see my breasts and want to worship them for the beautifully god-rendered globes they are. i want him to see my pussy and know he could spend forever stroking those folds with force or with tenderness and never get tired of the feel of it. i want him to look at my ass and feel the need to place his hands on them because just looking at them reminds him of juicy apples and he wants to take a bite. i want him to see my mouth and be addicted to the taste of it.

does that make me a purveyor of oppression? does that make me a supporter of men behaving violently towards women?

HELL nah.

what that makes me is a woman. a woman who is damn proud of the fact that she's a woman and not a man. a woman who appreciates and shit, fucking WORSHIPS the differences found on a man's form and in his demeanor. a woman who is proud of those things that make her uniquely female. a woman who knows that traits like aggression, independence, althletic prowess, and intelligence are universal traits and my having them does not make me less womanly. they make me more human.

so fuck you if you think that me swishing my ass when i walk means i'm objectifying myself.

fuck you if you think me wearing a skirt that shows off my legs is me saying "don't appreciate me for my mind".

fuck you if you think the fact that i don't mind a man seeing these tits and that ass and forgetting everything else means i'm cool with him disrepecting women.

because i'm a woman. because these and that are a part of this. there ain't no shame in glorifying in them. ain't no shame in appreciating being a female with a female's form.

cuz in the end, he's a fucking adult. if he disrespects or objectifies or fails to appreciate women, that's his fucking problem to deal with and i ain't dimming my shine just so his issues with women are easier for him to resolve.

the whole point of women's rights in my mind is to demand acceptance, appreciation, and respect for who we are as women, not fight for the right to be just like men. ultimately we're all human. that's where the fight for equality really is.

men got their shit on lock.

thank god for that.

cuz there is a time and a place for the appreciation of me for my mind to assert itself and when that time is upon me, i do what i gotta do.

when i'm being fucked ain't one of those times.