Wednesday, February 15, 2006

i'm gonna get to part two of 'pushing off weight' i promise.

i've gotta get myself together. i can't seem to get my thoughts straight today. it's probably all that lack of sleep i got last night.

anyway, while i'm still sad, i'm not broken. my spirit is intact. i'm not gonna wallow in this overlong.

i got a favor to ask though.

i'm in the hunt for some new music to buy cuz i'll be heading back to new york and i want to know what to get when i get there. if you've got suggestions, let me know. i'm down for whatever, as long as the music is good, so don't think cuz i'm black and poor all i want to listen to is nelly or t.i. thanks in advance.

oh yeah, i don't celebrate v-day, so i didn't do anything special and wouldn't have even if uncle curt hadn't passed on.

then again, i've been known to get giddy with v-day, but that's only if my heart's in it. unfortunately, it ain't right now.

you know what, uncle curt's passing really put shit in perspective. why did it occur within a couple of days of me writing about how i have to change my life? is god trying to tell me something? if he is, i'm listening. i might not be here tomorrow, but i'm damn sure here today. i gotta start feeding my spirit and fuck all the shit that's trying to starve it.

so i've signed up for hands on atlanta, which is a volunteer service with all kinds of programs that need help from volunteers. i notice i always feel better after i've donated my time to folk/organizations in need.

am i rambling? what the fuck! somebody told me the other day i run off on a tangent. he used the word 'loquacious', trying to fool me into thinking it was a compliment cuz the word sounded so beautiful. well, if someone tells you to genuflect before them, don't mistaken it for something like standing before them beautiful and proud. no, that mothafucka's telling you to grovel like a punk before him.

hey, 'somebody'... if you're reading this...FUCK YOU. i know you were just telling me i talk too fucking much! LOL

i'm yawning and can barely keep my eyes open and i've got another couple of hours here at work before at least an hour of working out at the gym. ARGH. i swear, if someone could just come up with a straw that could suck off the extra junk from my trunk, i would carve out my vagina and hand it to him on a platter, cuz you pussy's worth its weight in fat folds.

now i must return to yawning in front of this monitor. i can't eat boiled eggs in the morning anymore. i've been farting all over the place and my breath STANK.