Monday, April 03, 2006

sex history meme

i was thinking i wouldn't do this one, but fuck it. it's monday, it's raining outside so my spirit is teetering between stank and funky, and i figure talking about sex on a monday morning is just what i need to remind me of the fact that i haven't gotten any in months and it'll be more months ahead of me before i get some. SHIT. so thank you yet again t. casanova for inspiring a post from me. oh, and fuck you for making me do it.

anyway, here goes.

1. How old were you the first time? 19

2. Name of your first? Fred

3. Good or Bad? bad in the worst sense.

4. Name of the worst and why? fred, check here to see why.

5. Name of the best and why? leron, cuz he actually had this thing with his dick where it was hard all of the time, even after he came. we fucked like RABBITS AND he was a freak like me.

6. Weirdest place you ever had sex? ain't no wierd place as far as i'm concerned. the most adventerous place i've had sex was in a movie that wasn't empty...

7. Favorite Position: me on top. it's cool to look in a brotha's eyes and talk shit and kiss and laugh and moan and lean down to bite him on the shoulder or nibble on his ear while he grabs my ass and pushes himself more deeply into me...hold up...need a sec.

*whew*...aiight, to continue...and we can both see where we're joined and he has easy access to the taa taas. it's a win-win all around.

8. Ever fake an orgasm? yup. back when i was too afraid to let a brotha know what to do to get me off. last time i faked it was over eight years ago, though.

9. Would you admit it if the person asked? yup, i told him. i won't ever be faking it again, though.

10. Favorite time of day to have sex? the morning when the day is new. i love just rolling over and taking a dick in my mouth to wake my man up. most effective tool to date in bringing a brotha out of a deep slumber.that'll get me wet (if i wasn't already wet from dreaming about him), and then it's ON.

11 Most times you have had sex in one day? seven

12 Same person? yes. leron and that dick issue...

13. Ever fantasize about someone other than the one your with? yup, but only if i'm with an unappealing sexual partner. otherwise, i fantasize about the one i'm with. i'll think about other times we had sex and how that shit was so good my toes would curl at the end.

14. Restrictions during sex? no violent sex. by that i mean no slapping me around and re-enacting rape shit.

15. Accessories? hell yeah

16. What? honey, peanut butter, ice cubes, handcuffs, scarves, edible panties, massage oil, feathers, whip cream, cat o nine tails, chairs...hehehe

17 Done it in the rain? nope.

18 Done it in a car? who hasn't???

19 Had a Threesome? nope. almost set one up for an ex-boyfriend of mine, but the girl chickened out at the last minute.

20 Want to have sex now? do birds sing? do bees be? do flies buzz? do trees swing? do breezes blow? hell YEAH i want to have sex now, but not with just anybody. i'm still picky even if i AM horny as fuck.