Friday, April 21, 2006

double talk

i think terrell owens is a punk, but I’m willing to give him the benefit of a doubt he'll do aiight in dallas, not because i believe he's changed, but because of your strong argument supporting his reticent attitude. frankly, i think they should let him ride the bench initially, maybe bring him in as a substitute for terry glenn in third down situations, just so he understands he’s part of a team concept and not just one player. for now, though, he gets no respect for me, especially after he called out mcnabb regarding his play in the super bowl. to me, that was a bitch ass move. if terrell is so fucking great, he should have filled in for him. instead he chose the punk route and whined about his treatment, creating a chasm between he and his team that could never be repaired. he’s got a history of that kind of behavior. if i were jerry jones, I’d guarantee his silence with a contract stipulating he can’t say shit unless jerry says so. but until he shows me he’s mature enough to shut the fuck up and just play, he’s a little bitch to me. better yet, make that ‘she’. if terrell fucks up things in dallas, it'd be a fucking miracle if she resurfaces anywhere else.