Monday, April 24, 2006

the random thoughts of a sista from this weekend (better known as 'get outta my mind, mothafucka')

oh my goodness.

is it possible to be that fine?

his family reminds me alot of mine.

i agree, his cousin is gay (not that there's anything wrong with it)

dude, just cuz you wear one of those professional looking gloves doesn't mean you know how to shoot pool.

that band was better than i'd thought it'd be. earth wind and fire? they get props for that alone.

i'm sooooo glad i hung out with myself on saturday night.

then again, i was looking damn good that night.

did i go to barley's cuz i knew you'd be there? probably.

i'm glad i went anyway.

i hate funerals.

one thing's for sure. you can't make a brotha want you. if he just ain't feeling you, he just ain't feeling you.

thank you ego for finally getting it.

dude, is your ass numb? i ask because you been getting it whupped all night and yet you still keep bending over for another smack.

yeah, i could have beaten you at billiards with my non-glove wearing amateur ass.

i'm a hopeless flirt.

if you keep being so antisocial you'll never find a girlfriend, dude.

i thought the nfl draft was this weekend!

should i even hang with you when every look you give me is stripping me naked in your mind?

hell yeah! i'll just make sure i'm never alone with you again.

okay, i gotta stop thinking about you cuz you're making me wet.

"i'm your huckleberry"

val kilmer does the best rendition of doc holiday EVAR.

why you keep inviting me to your apartment?? you KNOW i can't do that shit.

my boy 'a', i really want you to find happiness before I die.

i can't believe i've got four male friends and i'm not attracted to any of them.

wait. i'm attracted to one, but in that "i'd fuck your mind" kind of way.

i can see all through your act of indifference, sista. you know you still digging him. stop playing.

he knows you're still digging him, too. he told me so, which is why i'm telling you to stop cuz he sees that shit as a joke.

you in a tank top is like a masterpiece being partially cloaked by inconsequential material. i made a point of not staring but that image is emblazoned upon my memory.

you ain't have to tell me you wear magnums for comfort. i don't care what you say, you were trying to tell me you had a big dick on the sly.

why did i tuck that lil bit of information away for a rainy day anyway???

why did i let you take me to brunch yesterday? shit, let me stop playing...i know why.

i gotta make sure i got my money right cuz i gotta get out NOW.

my body is betraying me in all kinds of ways.

it's hot as FUCK in alabama right now.

you know what attracted me the most? your vocabulary. then your sense of humor. then your slow southern drawl. then your body in the black pants and shirt. then your lips. then your dark brown skin.

no wait, it was your lips first. then your dark brown skin. then your body in the black pants and shirt. fuck the rest of that bullshit cuz i didn't hear what you were saying for like the first three minutes of our conversation. i was too busy

eventually i realized we had the same sense of humor. eventually i realized you were quick with the wit. eventually i noticed your sexy southern drawl. eventually i noticed we had similar interests. eventually.

but first it was three minutes of me staring at your lips while my ears heard you speak in the same language as the adults from 'peanuts'.

you're an ARIES? oh SHIT.

NO, i didn't need you to walk me to my car.

and NO you weren't being a gentleman. i peeped that maneuver. you did that shit cuz you wanted to get me alone.

yes, the hug was nice. yes, i'm the queen of understatements.

i think i need to lose your number. i need time to myself and you have the potential to really fuck that shit up.

i wish you weren't as attracted to me as i am to you. that'd make this shit a whole lot easier for me to deal with.

i'm gonna keep avoiding your ass like the plague.

until august.

oh snap...i thought about you this much?