Saturday, April 01, 2006

major haps

1. i just copped tickets to see the roots. i'll make sure to enjoy myself at the concert. for those of you who couldn't get a ticket...u can live vicariously through me. LOL

2. i'm planning an atlanta blogger get together for sometime in may. if you live in the atl (or will be visiting around that time), hit a sista up via email for specifics. include in the email where you live at and a suggestion or two of where we could set the gathering up. one suggestion already tossed to me is cafe intermezzo on peachtree street. a few i've come up with are dave & busters, barley's billiards, and dugans on ponce.

whatever we decide to do, i want it to be fun, relaxing, and conducive towards conversation. in other words, this ain't gonna be no fronting, formal, typical atlanta bullshit type gathering. i like billiard halls cuz they've got space to just chill if you wanna while also having the billiards tables if you want to shoot pool while shooting the shit.

i know there are alot of you atlanta folk lurking here even if you don't post. it's all good. i hope you can make it. oh, and of course you can bring your significant other.

3. the third and final night of the a3c hip hop fest is TONIGHT. i've gone the last two nights and i gotta tell's been some of the best shit i've heard in a LONG FUCKING TIME. everyone is representing in there, from ny to dirty south to texas to cali to detroit to da chi...they're all there and doing their thing. not only are there independence mcs performing, there is also a beat battle that takes place against various cats who submit beats for the audience's approval. that was the highlight of last night to me. CHECK THE SHIT OUT, and if you gonna go, let me know so we can meet up. i'm cool with doing this shit on my own but it's always nice to have folk to share in the experience with.