Wednesday, April 05, 2006

collab series - first installment...busta, what the fuck happened?

aaaahhhh, the dreaded collab.

i was inspired to do this entry after listening to the overdone collaboration remix of touch it, with, get this...busta rhymes, mary j. blige, rah digga, missy elliot, dmx, lloyd banks, and the most over-hyped mc to come out of the ny since...well, ever, crapoose. it was straight up overkill. has-beens mixed in with wannabes with just a pinch of star power to create a cacophony of crapola. you couldn't come up with a more different grouping of styles if you'd put elton john with 2pac...wait, that actually happened with ghetto gospel *shivers*

listening to the straight up destruction of a perfectly good song with that collab remix, i couldn't help but think back to the good old days when a hip hop collab was actually a good thing, a stainless steel synchronization of styles, a phonetically flawless fusing of ferocious flows, a masterpiece of magnificently merged musical musings (damn, that's an arsenal of incinerating alliteration, ain't it? LOL)

anywho, i decided to put down my top ten over a ten day period (good luck to me).

here goes:

scenario - tribe called quest (q-tip, phife) and leaders of the new school (charlie brown, dinko d, busta rhymes)...betta known as "the cut where charlie brown's dick suffered permanent penis shrinkage as he witnessed busta rhymes take his spot as lons's top mc..."

"watch, as i combine all the juice from the mind
heel up, wheel up, bring it back, come rewind
powerful impact BOOM! from the cannon..."


you know that's the shit that put busta on the map, right? i mean, the song itself was pretty tight. the beat was a combination of hard drums drilling the dome and cymbal smacks crashing through the conscious. the riff was a vibrating introduction of organic sound, echoing throughout the song, an invitation to engage in rhythmic recreation. when i first heard this song, i was at a house party at famu being thrown by the new york crew (so you know it was tighter than a bat up a brotha's ass). when the intro hit, cats were already yelling and getting ready to start hopping around like they do when they're getting bumrushed with the kind of groove that insinuates itself into the sinews, stripping cats of their self-control as they start flinging their limbs all over the place.

remember how leader of the new school was supposedly headed by the 'freestyle champ' charlie brown? that cat was mad flexible. i mean, he had to be cuz he was sucking his own dick all the time. let him tell it and he was the greatest mc since...well, ever. i didn't have a problem with a brotha big upping himself, but did he really think he was that much better than dinko d and busta? every time i try to give him the benefit of a doubt, i hear...

"but the rest are DOO-DOOOO..."

and then i'm right back to thinking charlie brown was a busta. for real, though...if you got some charlie brown cuts to educate me on the error of my assessment, shoot them to me. i'm more than willing to change my mind if i've got proof. right now though, all i've got is doo-dooooooo...

anyway, this song is on the top ten list of hip-hop compilations because it had the beat, the riff, and busta 'bout ta blow up. i can hear that hunger in busta's voice. he wanted to shine on this shit and he did.

everyone at the party knew charlie brown's lyrics but nobody got hyped until busta broke in and most of us had no idea what he was saying. we were jumping around basically ad-libbing shit.

green - made up shit
blue - what we knew was true

"vocab you, this is necessary
when digging into my library
incoherent babbling as folk mumbled cuz we ain't know the fucking words
"UH uh UH, all over the track, man
UH, pardon me, UH, as I come back"

and you know we ain't know shit else until everybody got real loud right before

"RRRRRROAW RRRRRRROAW like a dungeon dragon
Change your little drawers cause your pants are saggin"

after that, there was lot more creative combinations of words, with everybody getting together on the words that mattered...

"And had you smellin ripe, like some old stale urine!"

alot more babbling, then...


shit, when you think about it, we only knew about fifty percent of what busta was even saying, but his delivery was so energetic and got us so hyped up we didn't give a fuck really. in fact, until i looked up the lyrics tonight, i STILL didn't know half of what the mothafucka was saying.

maybe that's the key to a good busta where you don't understand what the fuck he saying...oh, and one without mary j. blige trying to rap.



tomorrow's installation: flava in ya ear (remix)...betta known as "craig mack who? you sure you not talking about craig g?"