Friday, April 29, 2005

salsa pt. 2

aiight, so i left off the story with me dancing with the idiot who only had negative things to say about my dancing.

he was actually cute, too. what a shame that cuteness could be wasted on such a sour attitude. he actually got uglier with each negative word flying from his mouth. remember that movie "the fly"? jeff goldblum went from attractive jewish guy to straight up nasty insect thing. that's kinda how this guy transformed before my eyes. he was buzzing around me like a pesky fly and all i wanted to do was swat him really hard.

anywho, so after that dance was thankfully over, i'm standing in front of my new partner, an older guy, tall and thin, who had just walked in with his wife. i was instantaneously nervous. the idea of dancing with a guy with his wife staring at us from a seat right next to us made me uncomfortable. it felt like she was watching us have sex. she never took her eyes off of us, which i knew cuz i could see her out of the corner of my eye. i couldn't tell if she was plotting my murder or just chillin, but i didn't breathe until i was done dancing with him. on the plus side, he did have a gracefulness about him. on the downside, his wife can stare without blinking for at least two minutes. that wasn't cool at all.

that brings up something else i have to consider if i'm gonna get into salsa...the painfully jealous sistas here in atlanta. sistas here will kill each other just to see who gets to wipe a guy's ass. the ratio of women to men is like 10-1. add in the homosexual brothas and the disparity is probably larger. this means even the most ignant, smelly, foul-mouthed brotha is being fought over. in other words, a blind, midget brotha with one leg, three teeth, and a flatulence problem is gonna have AT LEAST two sistas fighting over him if he's living in atlanta.

now do you understand why i was nervous? it makes sense that every married woman in atlanta is gonna think every woman her husband comes in contact with is trying to get with him, even if it's not true.

and because salsa is a social kind of dance, folks don't just dance with their spouses, they dance with everybody. i gotta ask myself if i'm down with dancing if it could mean having my tires slashed.

then again, i do get a bit over-dramatic. i hope it's not that bad.

aiight, back to the salsa class. my last partner for the day was this white guy. he was the only white person in the class, which let me know he was comfortable around black folks. that's good seeing as he's gotta dance with us.

he had a wonderful rhythm about him and was gentle as he led me into my turns. i wasn't surprised really, cuz i don't believe dancing is something that only folks with mellanin in their skin can do.

i really enjoyed dancing and am now on the lookout for some comfortable salsa shoes. i have to work out extra hard in the gym though, cuz that dancing is HELL on the legs.