Sunday, May 01, 2005

the mall...the place to see folks in formalwear...

the mall is full of all kinds of wonderful sights. families taking a leisurely stroll from store to store, kids pointing excitedly at the life-sized spongebob squarepants doll in the window of the toy store; teens preening for each other as they sit faux-indifferently on benches in the walkway or stand outside of the most expensive stores pretending the bags they're carrying is a new versace wardrobe; twenty-somethings walking hand in hand with what is obviously a new boyfriend or girlfriend cuz even a menial thing like walking around in a mall is romantic when the relationship is brand new; and finally, a group of high school seniors walking around with their prom dates, dressed up in black tuxedoes and neon colored prom dresses of the finest made polyester...


i did a double take when i saw the first group of ten prom folks walking around. by the time the second, third, and fourth groups walked past me, i realized the new "in" prom spot was the mall. evidently it gives one the feeling that he or she is a king or queen among peasants. i half expected the girls to put up their hands in the form of the miss america wave.

they would have stood out more if not for the fact that half of the mall was populated by kids walking around in prom outfits. it was like a homeless shelter being visited by folks from the circus.

see, this is why i don't go to malls. i went to find an outfit for the party i went to last night (which is a story for another post), and now i know i will never again frequent a mall on a saturday.