Wednesday, April 13, 2005

the united nationalities

FUCK ALEX! no, that's an inside joke. you had to be there...that's alex/east palo alto, malcolm/east palo alto, omar/los angeles, a guy in a green and white shirt, adetunji/chelsea, a woman in a blue shirt, and paul/virginia. i'm so sorry i don't know the name of everybody in this photo, but my memory is crappy. i do good to remember MY name half the time.

this was the last day of the conference and folks were feeling a little down. we were sitting by the pool when someone decided to go get the beer and liquor. we were sitting there chilling, drinking our beers when someone from the hotel came out and told us we couldn't have bottles by the pool. that sucked, but i had to laugh when i witnessed just how fast people can finish off drinks so they wouldn't have to throw them away.
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