Monday, April 18, 2005

is he saying "give me some head"???

i'm sitting here at work listening to marvin gaye's "soon i'll be loving you", which is a very sensual song. however, it's the end of the song that has me very curious. through the whole song he's intimating to his lover that he's soon gonna be loving her. he's talking about how he's gonna seduce her and all that. then at the end of the song, i hear the background chorus shouting something that sounds very much like "give me some head"...

now i know brotha marvin was a bit freaky, but would he really say that?? i mean, they keep repeating it until the end of the song! and nowhere on line can i find the lyrics for the song that includes the background chorus. this is gonna burn my brain until i figure out what they were saying.

if that's what they're saying then marvin was off da chain. that's all i gotta say.