Friday, April 15, 2005

damn that salsa music!

so i'm on my way home from work at ga tech, the sky is a pale blue and the sun is shining hot through my sunroof. a salsa classics cd is bumping in the sound system and all is great with the world.

i'm waiting behind another car as she tries to inch her way into traffic. i close my eyes, cuz i just got lost in a melody and i can feel it saturating my bones. i open my eyes to see her pull out and i look to the left to make find my opening. my foot is put on the gas and BANG!

i hit the car in front of me!

she had pulled out and at the last minute decided to stop. i didn't realize it until it was too late.

her honda civic ends up with a dent in the bumper. meanwhile my monster truck honda crv doesn't have a scratch on it. it's invincible!

we exchange information and i come home, no music on, my nerves rattled, and decide to forgo the trip to the gym i had planned for after work. i'm gonna blame it on the salsa music, damnit.