Tuesday, April 12, 2005

for rick james

i am a flawed human being
but isn’t everybody?
perfection is but the erection
of an impossible dream
forever past my grasp
like the highest leaf
on the longest branch
of the tallest tree

i watched that leaf come to being
an emerald unfurling from
it’s momma’s fingers
into a brassy being of
flawless foliage
and realized only
nature is perfect

but it’s perfection lies in the
absence of standards
established in its world
we view its imperfections
as simply different degrees of brilliance
not a mistake put forth
by the hands of its creator

we are all molded by the
those same loving fingers
so why is it when i look into the mirror
i am reminded that deficiencies exist?

the evolution of our intelligence
has cursed us with a mind’s eye
focused on our inner cracks as fractures
shattering a previously unblemished vision
instead of acknowledging the breaks
as intended incisions carefully
carving us into
unique structures ofvulnerability and strength

we remember the scars
yet forget that while stars
reflect the light of the sun
their shine can’t be seen without shadow

i return to the simplicity of myself
i am of nature

i am that leaf
unfolding my coffee curves
with courageous grace
to stand expanded and exposed
to the eyes of all

and upon reflection
i see perfection
found because of my flaws


i was inspired by rick james, a brotha who simply lived life the best way he could. his death again made me think of how important it is to recognize the beauty in everything, as life is too short to wait for "perfection" to show itself to me.