Wednesday, April 13, 2005

the adventures of amon, jonathan, and anika

here is amon and jonathan from boston. you can barely make them out, but that's cuz the big weiner takes up so much of the photo. this photo confirms that a brainy guy DOES have a big weiner.

i gotta talk about the long ass trek we embarked on trying to find the spot jonathan had his heart set on going to. we started off at the front desk asking folks there for directions. we should have realized immediately that the place jonathan spoke of was a non-existent figment of his imagination, cuz nobody had heard of the spot or knew how to get to the street it was on. so being the adventurous intel folk we are, we decided to just start walking in the general direction of the restaurant, figuring we'd trip over it eventually. well, needless to say, "eventually" turned out to be "never", cuz we were walking for about fifteen minutes before we realized the place was nowhere we'd be able to get to. we ended up walking in a large circle, ending up at a tapas spot RIGHT BEHIND THE HOTEL.

you know what, though? i enjoyed every moment of it, cuz the air was crisp, the sky was a beautiful dark blue, and i love walking around exploring new territory.

i really enjoyed the dinner with these two. i found out that amon has an easy laugh and a quick wit, while jonathan is very pensive and family oriented. i have to say though, with all of the fun i had at the conference, i was starved for some thought-provoking conversation, so i was hoping for more discussion in that vein. that's aiight. i shouldn't have expected them to be in that mindset just cuz i was. i did learn a little about both of them, though. i learned they both have a weak spot for flamenco dancers!
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