Wednesday, April 27, 2005

is THIS a leo???

i'm quoting from an online source...

Your Love Sign
Your love sign is Scorpio

You tend to
get selfish in your relationships, and assume a "me first" quality. You love to feel good, and respond very well to pampering. While you love to be admired and adored, you also want to take the lead, and make things happen in your relationship. Since the world is a stage to you, fun and excitement are part of your repertoire. You take chances whereromance is concerned, since losing is just not you.

Your Passion Sign
Your passion sign is Gemini

You are a master of glib-talk, and this point scores over the rest to
win your beloved over. You also possess an insatiable curiosity, and are always ready to experiment in your relationship. You are extremely versatile, and your multiple interests are forever expanding. You are very open to new experiences and mental challenges, and are capable of directing your energies for cerebral searches. You are blessed with a clear wit, and this helps ease out many sticky situations. You excel at asserting yourself through language, enabling you to talk your way into and out of any situation. As a lover, you are experimental, interesting, energetic and fun. An intellectually active partner would be
perfect for you

You in Relationships

You are the life of any relationship, and a courtship with you will rarely prove dull. You need to be lavished with attention, but can also do that in return. You need a lover who can keep up with you match your wits. If boredom creeps into the relationship, you look for greener pastures. You need a partner who can understand your needs and give you the attention you need.

Are you in Love?

You are a natural leader in the love dance. You will want to rule, but you also want to be admired, which makes for a relationship filled with tension. But your generous and giving nature makes certain that a lover will feel special. You make your beloved run in circles, while finding out answers to questions related to your relationship. Love is an attractive state for you, and you surely do love the chase.

Getting Intimate

You emit a great physicality, heat and ardour, when the timing is just right. You crave for action, and anyone who makes the right moves will get noticed. The right kind of approach makes you a confident lover.You are the happiest when a partner tells you how wonderful the relationship is. As your gracious gift, you will tell your partner just how
much that compliment meant!

What You Need

You love being fawned over. Being a devoted sort, you will return this gesture in kind, making a partner feel special indeed. Someone who exudes class and remembers that it's nothing but the best will score points with you. You are giving and devoted, and live for the pleasures that life can bring. One of these is being in the limelight, where you believe you truly belong.

You must know

What you should do:
Think of new ways to praise the Leo every single day. The Lion loves to bask in the glory of praise.

The Leo will rule the roost, so learn to be submissive. Pretend you like it!

Laugh at the Lion's jokes. The Leo has a wonderful sense of humour, and will keep you entertained.

Show the Leo how important they are to you.

Be prepared for surprise gifts to be showered on you on a daily basis.

What you should not do:
Don't make plans, unless the Lion has a place in them. Or be prepared for them to sulk in the corner.

Try and pull the Leo vanity down in public. The Leo ego will be bruised, and this is not very good news!

Don't take charge of a situation. The Leo knows he is boss, and would not like to share the spotlight with anyone, not even you.

Don't challenge the Leo vanity. The Lion's ego is fragile, and has to be handled with care.

Don't insist on sharing honours with a Leo. The spotlight is theirs and
theirs alone.

Sign Speak

Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

well ain't dat a bitch??? i'm a self-absorbed sex freak!

no really, i do love sex and i do love me (especially when i've got a fresh set of batteries), but when i fall in love with a brotha, WATCH OUT! it's funny, i always gravitated towards aries guys, even though they exhibited alot of the same qualities (good and bad) that i do. meanwhile, those relationships never lasted! maybe what they say is true...NEVER date someone like you, cuz it's like arguing with yourself, which means the argument NEVER ENDS. one day i'll figure that out...

the only person i would want attention from is my man. if he gives me that, i'll give him all of my love and devotion without a second thought.