Monday, April 11, 2005


i'm sitting here in my office with my mind on a far away place. my thoughts are wrapped around coral colored rock formations, surface-smooth from thousands of years of water molding them with wet caresses. every sunset was an iridescent gown of golden peach i watched fall softly from the body of the sky, her skin blushing azure before being kissed a midnight blue from the lips of her lover moon.

the low hum of the computer in the background reminds me of the sensual song of the crickets chirping fervently in the darkness, calling to their mates with come hither insistence. i can still feel the remnants of a quiet breeze gliding across my skin like the soft lashes framing sleepy eyes. my mind is forever moved to a place of tranquility, taking residence in a land of fantasy where each intake of breath is a cleansing of the soul.

it is this place i run to in my dreams at night. the same place where i find myself in the arms of my love.