Wednesday, April 27, 2005

i've been home sick all day...

actually, i've been sick all week, but went to work yesterday before leaving early. i took today off so i can get rid of this illness once and for all!

i woke up at about 7:30 a.m. and couldn't get back to sleep. what's the point of taking a day off when i can't even sleep in?!? despite that momentary lapse into "responsible adulthood", i found my inner child and woke her up so we could check out the cartoon network. boy, but that channel is crappy during the morning. looney tune babies? that show will NEVER, EVER touch the brilliance that was the muppet babies. i remember watching that as a kid and wondering why they needed diapers when i never saw them go to the bathroom on the muppet show. in fact, kermit never wore clothes, so why was it suddenly important that the frog wear a diaper?

now that i think back on it, gonzo was a really freaky muppet. he was getting it on with hens for heaven sakes! wasn't that some kind of cross-species kinda screwing? gonzo wasn't a rooster! why didn't they find him a gonzette or something?

and those two guys up in the seats overlooking the stage were SO gay! think about it...they never brought dates, always had bitchy comebacks, and they were two men who had lifetime tickets to the muppet show. i ain't mad at it, though. i mean, sesame street had already covered that territory with ernie and bert. i won't even talk about them sharing a bath together....

yeah, so the looney tune babies cartoon was boring as hell. after that, i just sat at the computer working on some wedding maps for a couple of clients. i can't believe folks are actually paying me to do this, cuz i'm having so much fun creating them. then again, it's not like i'm paying off car notes with the amount i'm charging them. it's a nice gig for the little bit of downtime i get in between the jobs and school.

after a couple hours of that, i worked on some femtech stuff. i'm currently on the lookout for some t-shirts with the femtech logo on it and finding a printer who'll print our fundraising calendars. there are some straight up trife businessfolk here in atlanta. nobody returned my email inquiries. if i could print the calendars myself i would.

oh yeah, i did peep a few minutes of the maury povich show. i swear that guy only talks about five things: who's the baby's daddy, wierd looking couples, women who should leave their domineering men, is that a man or a woman, and/or secret crushes. first off, where does he find these people?!? if i'm a teenager who has slept with a bunch of guys and i don't know who the father of my child is, i'm not getting on national television so everyone can see just how many folks dipped their pen in my inkwell. i remember this one girl who after like seven tests still hadn't found the father of her child. what da hell? sista...babygirl...pumpkin...just let it go. you ain't gonna find that brotha now. take care of your kid and KEEP DA LEGS CLOSED. I CAN SMELL THE TRAIL OF SEMEN FROM HERE!

right now i'm working on some more poetry, but this time i'm gonna digitally tell a story. i got the idea from the village challenge. angelique (mah gurl!) wrote this beautiful poem i'm sure was inspired by her fiance'. it's amazing how love (or lust for that matter) can unlock all kinds of beautiful imagery within one's mind. i'm currently working under the lust inspiration, so the words have been flowing from me like milk from a busted carton.

i'll probably post a poem in a couple of hours...