Friday, January 20, 2006

shout out

i gotta mention the fact that i won a kingy award for best writing in a blog or else king's gonna kick my ass.

thanks to all the folk that voted for me. i am humbled by the praise. i'm glad you people enjoy reading about my pain. hehehe

some of the other winners included:

my girl gapeach for worst blog. although she campaigned for this, it's obvious she's got one of the best blogs on the internet, which is why she also won for blogger of the year. evidently the king's populace are all on crack cuz how can someone be both the worst blogger and blogger of the year? are they saying it ain't 'bad meaning bad, it's bad meaning good'? gapeach is a courageous sista in that she keeps it raw, never holding back on how she's feeling, even if she's feeling shitty. gotta give her credit because she puts some shit out there that i wouldn't dream of doing, and if you've read my blog, you know there is precious little i won't put out there. what i really dig about her blog is the fact that she displays strength, vulnerability, intelligence and insight in her posts. she's living proof that beautiful things grow in da hood.

my boy rell won for male blogger folk most wanna hump. he is definitely humpable. his site includes commentary on pop culture, politics, and sports, with a dash every now and again about his personal life. it's obvious the brotha is smart and thoughtful, which will guarantee he gets pussy damn near every time. now if only he would get out more...

i just recently started reading this blog, but if her thoughts are anything to judge by, there's no doubt why leesa won for female blogger folk most wanna hump. and here i thought my sex stories were explicit. this one goes one step further and does it extremely well. she might be married but that won't stop guys from having sexual fantasies about her.

mwabi might have won for best template, but she could have won for best blog too and i wouldn't been mad at it. she is the manifestation of a beautiful earth sista. she's earthy in that she ain't afraid to tell it and is passionate about her beliefs, but she's also nurturing and makes you feel at home when you're hanging out on her blog. it ain't just a visit, it's a party! shit, i wasn't even watching project runway until she started talking about it in her blog. she has such a gift for writing in such a way as to make even the most bland of subjects interesting. oh, and the girl is damn near as horny as i am, which ain't no small feat cuz i'm horny all the fucking time. she's got the good life - hubby, kids, and her blog (although "da man" won't let her post from work...DAMN). you go girl!

those are just a few of the winners. hit up king's site to check out the rest. before i bounce, let me also give a shout out to the king himself, ddot. the cat didn't win any of his own awards, although he was nominated for several. now a brotha knows what the cast and crew of 'a color purple' felt like that year when they were nominated for nine academy awards and ain't take home shit. sorry celi...i mean, king. you get the award for royalty most likely to get kicked in the nuts by his own subjects. we still got love for you though. even if you weren't voted the best, i'm sure you know you're the best, as you make a point of telling us on the daily.