Sunday, January 29, 2006

my answers to 25

i'll be getting back to the phil story on monday. in the meanwhile, here are my answers to the 25 questions:

1. are you content with your life?

hell no. i'll never be content with it as a whole.

2. if not, what would make you content?

i'll be content with certain aspects when i finally get the gig that will best give me the opportunity to empower folk, i.e. starting a charter school or non-profit focused on eliminating the negative effects of socioeconomic inequality.

3. if so, what makes you content with it?

i'm in a place where i'm more content with being in my skin. the more i learn about myself the more i realize i'm not half bad.

4. what do you like most about yourself?

my passionate nature. it makes me sensitive and vulnerable but it also guarantees i won't ever be satisfied with the easy answer, even if it means painful self-introspection.

5. what do you wish you could change about yourself?

i wish my insecurity would just go away already.

6. what irritates you most about other people?

self-hatred, because it's the root of so many other things. it's why many folk leave the ghetto instead of sticking around to build from within, it's why many folk still living there are so quick to make decisions that are self-destructive, it's why alot of folk abandon their own principles so easily and adopt others, even if those other principles are ultimately harmful to them, it's why i always here "black folks are always (insert negative thing)! that's why we can't never have anything!", it's why many of us treat ourselves so poorly and don't believe in our own abilities.

7. what state do you live in? if not in the u.s., where in the world you at?


8. what do you look for in the mate who would be most compatible for you? (you'll notice i didn't say perfect mate, cuz there is no such thing as perfection, only perfection in imperfections).

someone who is proactive, insightful, inquisitive, affectionate, intelligent, humble, adventerous, confident, comfortable with self-introspection, finds volunteering and empowering others an important endeavor, loves sex with me and ain't afraid to show it. oh, and enjoys talking about and watching sports.

9. do you enjoy giving oral sex?

i'm addicted. no, really i am.

10. if so, why?

it's the reaction, but it's also because it's sexy as hell watching a brotha lose control. knowing i orchestrated that appeals to my vanity. LOL

12. how old were you when you lost your virginity?


13. was it a good experience for you?

i was raped, so that would be a definitive "no".

14. what motivates you to wake up each morning?

knowing i'm facing a day with no mistakes in it and i can make my dreams come true if i put forth the effort.

15. what do you see yourself doing in five years?

either running a non-profit agency or a charter school. personally, i would like to have a child by then either naturally and/or adoption.

16. what is your 'big plan' for 2006?

finally find personal and professional happiness by doing whatever it takes to ensure those things come to pass.

17. what do you love most about being single/involved/married?

i like having someone to rub my ear at night. it puts me to sleep. shit...i sound like a dog...

18. how often do you have sex in a week?

not nearly often enough, believe me.

19. do you masturbate?

you damn skippy

20. what are your favorite television shows?

harvey birdman, family guy, drawn together, aqua teen hunger force, kids next door, law and order (all of 'em), all the nfl telecasts, sportscenter, outside the lines, everybody hates chris.

21. who are your favorite actors/actresses?

jeffrey wright, morgan freeman, joe morton, don cheadle, denzel washington, angela bassett, sanaa lathan, geena davis, susan sarandon (i just remembered yet again that there are simply not enough roles out there for black women. i had to dig deep to remember performances that blew me away.)

22. what are you listening to on your ipod/cd player right now?

brand nubian, salsa music, jamie foxx, jean grae (thanks verseone!)

23. give me three adjectives that best describe you.

passionate, industrious, creative

24. what is your zodiac sign?

leo, baby! it's the only sign that really matters!

25. what do you love most about blogging?

i get to write. it's a healing thing for me. i also love reading about the thoughts and lives of others. i've learned so much about myself and other folk since i've started this.