Wednesday, January 18, 2006

she really is something...

i was talking to a friend yesterday and he was telling me about how much of a chore it was for him to wake up in the morning. it was hard because life for him is difficult right now and he hasn't found anything to make him want to rise from his bed each day. i'm posting this because i know he'll see it. i want him to see why he should want to wake up each day.

i'm not a morning person. in fact, if i had a choice, i'd stay in bed until noon. unfortunately, i'd be unemployed cuz my job requires i get there by 7:30 a.m. so i drag myself out of bed when it's still dark, trying to convince myself that waking up so early in the friggin morning is a good thing. sometimes i succeed in the delusion, other times i fail. regardless, i'm waking up anyway. why? because ultimately, the beauty isn't found in the sunrise, it's found in the blessing of being able to wake up at all.

by the time i take a shower, dress, and am in my car headed to work, the sun is peeking over the horizon like an actress peeping through a break in the curtains to see how many folk have arrived to witness her performance. the sun blinds me at times on my ride into work, her shine signifying the beginning of a brand new days with brand new possibilities. i'm always trying to capture that shine on camera, eager to hold it somewhere like a fragile flame that could disappear into darkness with the first kiss of the wind. there are times when i pull over just to look at it. it's like staring at a rose and bearing witness to its journey from bud to full bloom. i don't do that often though, as i tend to leave my home minutes before i'm scheduled to be at work.

so i end up racing to the work and catching the sunrise from my office window.

the sky is but a sea of blue velvet upon which the sun unfurls its flame. i give the sky credit for maintaining its color despite the showy shimmer of the sun, which at times can be a vain schoolgirl as she attempts to usurp all other beauty for the sake of garnering more attention. if the sun only knew how the blue hues enhances her own allure, she probably wouldn't behave in such a manner.

she stands behind a building, the actress changing her costume for the final act. her modesty is fake, cuz she knows she's the biggest and brightest star in the galaxy. the atlanta skyline is left with a shadowed brow as it awaits her next move.

when she finally steps forward for the final act of her one woman show "the sun shall rise again" she has positioned herself perfectly, her light bursting through the diaphanous sheen of white cotton clouds like a diamond being squeezed from the bosom of black coal. she uses her stage to her advantage, a knowing smirk on her face as she shimmies her form onto the extended finger of atlanta's skyline. that girl sure knows how to play up her performance for the audience.

i stood by in the shadows, snapping photos with the hope of capturing some of her grace so that her radiance could be reflected in my moves. however, i am not really ensnaring any part of her really...i'm only holding onto the moment before it slips from my fingers to gather itself into the spirit of another soul who needs its presence.

but i have her shine for that moment. i savor it for the gift it is.