Thursday, December 01, 2005

today is 50 year anniversary of montgomery bus boycott

i woke up this morning to the news talking about it. all of the marta buses here are gonna have "thank you rosa" flashing across the marquee. that pissed me off. i won't expound on it again as i've spoken on it here, but let's just say i'd rather they have the message read "thank you to all of the folk who walked miles to work only to have their employers fire them because they were participating in the boycott. thank you to all the folk who suffered on the daily without the protection of the naacp, and STILL found the courage to do so, despite the fact their VERY LIVES were being threatened."

oh..."and thank you rosa parks...although you weren't the first, nor were you the bravest, you still did what you did and you get props for it."

aiight...i'm done.