Friday, December 16, 2005


i've gotta put the next installment on hold for a day.

i think i broke two toes last night. i wish i could say it happened as a result of me sticking my foot so far up my boss's ass he'll be shitting my toenails for at least a decade, but that wasn't the case. it happened as a result of me running to close the window so i wouldn't miss any portion of my beloved sportscenter.

i ran and slid into homebase, which in this instance turned out to be the shoe shelf. imagine running and then having something sharp jack you right inbetween the legs. yeah, there. in the happy place.

that's how this went down. insert one sharp object between the second and third toe, then have the third toe get hemmed up, crumpling like a corvette crashed into a curb.

going to the doctor now.