Monday, December 05, 2005

monday meme - it's in the jeans

picked up this list of questions from my boy trent's blog. figure i'd answer 'em.

1. What musician looks best in a pair of blue jeans?

as much as i dislike the brotha, i've gotta go with 50 cent on this one. he's got the sculpted form that looks great in a pair of jeans. now if he would only shut the fuck up. he's the kind of brotha a sista fuck in the dark with a muzzle on his mouth.

2. We all have a favorite pair of jeans. They're a little worn out, but not too much. They fit like a glove, and they're our first choice when we're having a wardrobe dilemma. What song, album and/or artist is your favorite "pair of blue jeans"?

miles davis' 'birth of cool' album is the ultimate expression of what jeans feel to the person wearing them and the one touching the one wearing them.

the first cut 'move' where his trumpet cascades up and down the chords like hands roving restlessly over a pair of jean-encased thighs, curving over hips, sliding over thighs, cupping the ass like he's laying claim on what he's got in his hands.

then, once his fingers are no longer restless with the anticipation of the initial touching, his trumpet explores the form with more intricate detail. on the next cut 'jeru' he repeats the caresses, only this time more slowly, as if he's memorizing every fiber and how they are woven together to fall perfectly from her form. each note he expells finds a different crease, and he rejoices with the discovery of each one. just imagining what's under the jeans has him clenching and unclenching his hands, softly and then more loudly demanding with his fingers what he wants from her.

at this point, the third cut is her response to his caress and his reaction to her response. 'moon dream' is her invitation for him to slide his fingers past the waistband of the jeans to delve into the secrets (and what secretes) from within the jeans. miles' notes are low, and linger like he's longing to stay a while longer inside those jeans.

'venus de milo' is him worshiping the treasure he finds in her form encased in the jeans with his fingers and tongue and lips...oh shit.

aiight, enough...this is making me horny.

3. Blue jeans are gritty, sometimes dirty, and useful in many different situations, and classic as Mom and Apple Pie. Name an artist or two whose voice you think fits that description.

i gotta go with tupac. his voice went from commanding yet questioning on 'how do you want it' to playful yet pimping on 'i get around' to straight up dirty on 'run tha streetz' to sensitive and insightful on 'i ain't mad at 'cha'

versatile, a little beat up, and long-lasting, just like my favorite pair of jeans.

Random question:

4. You're at your local mall, doing Christmas shopping. It's been a long day, you're tired, you can't find what you need, and the lines are outrageously long, slow and filled with rude people. You desperately need a song, THAT song, the song that puts you in a good mood no matter how bad things are. What song do you want blaring out of the mall speakers at that exact moment?

donny hathaway's 'this christmas of course! followed closely by bebe and cece winan's 'jingle bells' and whitney houston's 'joy to the world'.