Friday, December 08, 2006

why you wanna go and do that?

"what's the name of this place again?" i asked candice as we made our way to the billiards hall.

"'rollers'," she responded casually, as she glanced around her at the other people headed in the same direction.

it was a friday night in july. a warm breeze made its way across my body like a lover's tongue, licking my skin and plastering my clothes to my body. candice and i had been to a club damn near every weekend since june, but we had yet to visit this spot. i stared at the building, noting the disheveled bricks making up the old building we were walking towards. it didn't look like much, but i was excited cuz i'd heard it was the most popular friday night spot in atlanta for us black folk. i could already hear the music from the live band kissing the air around us as we stepped in line and waited for entrance.

pulling out my id, i looked up and into the face of one of the security guys at the door. i stopped mid-motion, caught up in the brown depths of his eyes. well looky here...

i placed my stare at his feet and climbed the mountain of his form with my eyes, finding a foothold on his thick thighs before leaping over the bulge between his legs, landing at the flat terrain of his stomach. i walked the rest of the way up, stopping to appreciate the scenery his broad shoulders provided before crawling up a thick neck. i took a leasurely stroll through the field of his soft lips, admiring the curve of his nose before finally ending at the oasis of his eyes.

i knew before i left that night i was gonna get to know that cat better.

(i'm gonna continue with this, just wanted to get the blog back on track with a funny story about something that went down this summer LOL. the rest will be on this afternoon after i knock some of this work out...oh, and damon will be finished on monday.)