Wednesday, October 04, 2006

truth or dare, the saga continues (edited to include explanation)

begotten from trizzy who got it from the sexiest poet on the internet, xavier. i've got two truths to answer...

it's truth or dare, where you get to tell me if you want me to dare you or truth you in the comment section. i've only played this game a couple of times in my lifetime so basically, i'm a novice. either way, i'm down for the challenge.

and for those of you trying to squeeze out something to write about in your blog, here's the perfect topic, already provided!

da rules to dis game:

comment on this post and let me know if you want a truth or dare. i'll respond with a question or a dare, then you run over to your blog and post your response to the question or dare. make sure you reference the 'truth or dare' moto in the title of the entry so folk won't be all over your blog looking for your answer (unless you just WANT us to do it...)


1. nothing illegal
2. no nudity requests
3. nothing malicious

let's keep this fun and wicked ;)

here are the two truths i've been asked to answer, first from trizzy...

IF...Aswad (the beautiful man who happens to be your brother - I think we need a picture)was NOT your brother...would you pursue a relationship with him be it physical, mental, or both?


in answer to the question...i wouldn't pursue a relationship with him physically although i think he's very attractive. we'd make great friends.

here's why no to physical relationship:

1. he's a virgo and leos and virgos don't mix.
2. he has a way of shutting folk out when he wants to that i don't dig. i've been there, done that...can't do it with someone i'm involved with.
3. his interests are different from mine to the point where i know we're not compatible. we're both spiritual and introspective and love sports and other shit, but i'm a creative soul and figure i'll be with someone like that. i think i'm more compassionate, although i think he's more family-oriented and very loyal to folk he loves.

here's why yes to friendship (mental connection):

1. as i said before, we have alot of shit in common. he really is my best friend.
2. he's supportive of me and my endeavors and never tells me i can't do something.
3. i love the way his mind works, although alot of times it means i'm gonna get called out on some shit cuz my response wasn't tight enough.
4. he's just as loyal as i am and will do whatever is necessary for folk he loves.

he's not really my type physically, although i know he's attractive to females. i love 'em dark, but i also love 'em with some meat on them and he's not meaty enough. that's just me though.

okay, on to the next question, submitted by tcas:

Did you intentionally avoid us at the blogger hangouts with Miz JJ and Mocha or with RD and Blah, Blah, Blah.

*whew* cuz i thought you were gonna ask me who jerome was and i was gonna have to tell on the brotha. LOL

anyway, to answer your question:

i didn't intentionally avoid either events but i wasn't enthusiastic about one of them which made it easier for me to have other plans. in the case of rd and blah, i was taking care of my pops, but i know i could have made time if i was so inclined. i told blah a month back that i wanted to meet her and rd, but i didn't want you around. why? you know, so i won't have to go there. i tried to get up with rd but she was mad busy.

as for mizz jj and mocha, i was battling because i really wanted to meet them but i also had that cookout where de ex would be and i needed to make an appearance for appearance sakes. frankly, i wasn't sure if the plans with mocha and miz would fall through as you'd already said plans had been changed a couple of times already.

you were the common denominator in both equations. in other words, my adversion to seeing you again made me not all that enthusiastic about seeing them, as i couldn't cut you out just cuz i had my own issues, so i cut myself out instead. seeing as those issues are now resolved, i'd be down for a gathering when the next blogger comes to the atl so long as they don't interfere with family obligations (which have been getting hectic as of late.)

that truth enough for ya?