Monday, October 23, 2006

random musings monday

a clump of dirt on your hand? dude...what pitcher doesn't know he's got a clump of dirt on his PITCHING HAND?!? shady shady SHADY!

*sigh*...two losses in a row in the blogger league. i'm not gonna give up, but my team is STINKING right now...

rebound from the ass-whupping last week in the inkers league. BACK IN FIRST PLACE YOU SUCKAS!

pick 'em? EWWW.

granny's outta the hospital...*whew*! can't wait to get there this weekend so i can see for myself she's aiight.

why is this bitch STILL talking to me? now that i've decided to ignore her, she wanna socialize.

damnit, i can't write this book proposal to save my LIFE. i wonder why this is so hard?!?

i haven't read a blog in about four days. i hope everybody's aiight out there.

spent the weekend with dad...lawd...that's a WHOLE 'NOTHA POST BY ITSELF...

why is autumn my favorite time of the year? cuz most days it ain't too hot and it ain't too cold, it's baby bear 'just right porridge'-like

how come none of the porridges were the same? i mean, weren't they scooped from the same pot and put in the bowls at around the same time? why would they leave their porridge on the table like that? was there some kind of emergency? how come no-one ever bothered to tell their side of the story?

why wasn't goldilocks arrested for breaking and entering? was it because she was white? was it because the law thought it was aiight for her to fuck with the bears? was goldilocks an escapee from an insane asylum? would she have been given the same treatment had she been a brunette? let her name have been 'dreadlocks' and i bet her ass would have been in cuffs for being a 'suspicious person in the neighborhood' as soon as she started walking on the block.

how come they didn't eat her when they saw her in the bed?

what bear eats porridge?

merriman on steroids? hmmm...but the nfl's drug policy is sooooo much better than the other professional leagues. yeah, right.

this boy is really starting to make me think i can't be friends with him anymore. i mean, if he did some of that shit to me i'd probably kill his ass.

for the first time in a long time my heart is completely absent of romantic notions and i'm pretty damn happy about it.

i'm THIS close to just putting in notice and bouncing. it's not that i hate this job, but i'm really starting to feel my age and the lack of substance to the last decade of my existence. i figure if i keep it in my mind eventually i'm gonna have to listen to that damn voice.

okay, i can finally admit it...i've never read toni morrison. why? i have no earthly idea. when people say my writing kinda reminds them of her writing, i'm flattered because i've heard her writing is phenomenal. i KNOW that's trife. i purchased my first book by her this weekend...sula. i'm gonna read it tonight.

you ever been to folk, it's like a crackhead's paradise for folk like me addicted to reading (even though my trife ass hadn't yet read toni morrison. yeah yeah...)

i know he hates being in suspended animation like this, and i wish i could be more sympathetic to his plight, but frankly, i think it's time he experienced some of the medicine he dishes out. sometimes a negro gotta be played a couple of times before he realizes he's offering himself up as an instrument every time.

i admit it...the music video on the blog thing has run its course with me. i'm tired of having to constantly check a blog to see if the've got music on it so i can cut that shit off before it starts. it's PISSING ME THE FUCK OFF. i'm saying, just consider taking off the 'autoload' feature of the video so i can go to your blog without having to worry about that damn video. i still got love for you folk, but i had to say something.

to those of you neglecting your teams in the blogger don't have to stop commenting on my blog just cuz you decided to not actively participate in the fantasy league. i know the 'avoi-dance' when i see that shit.

i've started five knitting projects in the last week and i haven't finished ANY of them.

i don't wanna be my hair right now cuz it needs to be washed. can i be my tits and ass until i get my hair done?

was i the only kid traumatized by the story of humpty dumpty? really, the person who figured the tale of a dude falling off of a wall to break into a million pieces on the ground would make for a good nursery rhyme must have been a masochist. on the plus side, i can now look into having my children's story "momma gave poppa the slap after poppa gave momma the clap" published.

don't egg-like folk know better than to sit on walls?

why did the citizens call all the kings horses and all the kings men? what about calling the king's doctor or the king's carpenter, or ANYBODY who might have some idea how to put pieces back together again. for real...what the fuck did they think a horse could do other than shit on the broken pieces?

i checked har.vey last night and damn near came in my panties just from the sheer joy of having my show back on the air. new episodes of my favorite fries, shake, and meatball series is coming up. i can't WAIT.

was 'the' cancelled? i haven't seen it on ad.ult, but it might be my timing.

was i the only adult watching ad.ult when they had pe.e we.e's pla.yho.use on there thinking "did i really think this shit was the shit when i was a kid?!?" as an adult i can't watch it for more than five seconds without wanting to kick the t.v.

how come the carto.on ne.twor.k is showing live action movies? if i wanna see live action, i'll check out the nick channel.

anybody check out 'draw.n tog.ether'? funniest.shit.ever.

notice anything absent from these musing? hehehe